Are we sure they don’t mean Brawndo?

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  1. In general terms, physical strength does have a gender and that gender is male. Always has been and always will be. Call me a troglodyte, a misogynist, a male chauvinist pig, a bigot or whatever other slur you can come up with ……. but the truth remains the same regardless of the idiocy promoted by companies for marketing purposes, or anything else.

    Males are physically stronger than females pretty much regardless of the species. Male lions are stronger than females, male grizzlies are stronger than females, male bovines (oxen) are stronger than females (cows) and male humans (men) are generally physically stronger than female humans (women). That is simply the way it is and always will be. Both sexes have their strengths and weaknesses, but men have an insurmountable advantage as far as physical strength is concerned (until the soy boys take over at least).

    Paper towels have no gender, so their “strength” is identical as long as they are manufactured to the same standards. Thank God that men and women aren’t “manufactured” to the same standards.

  2. Another marketing bomb, trying to appeal to the sick fringe.
    The freakshow that is todays america continues apace.

  3. I had my husband get some Cheerios on sale and (I wouldn’t have bought) the boxes had pictures of Ellen Degenerate on both sides on a post card you could cut out and mail on the back YUK I removed the bag from the box.

  4. …does this mean that Brawny thinks that WOMEN should be CLEANING?!?! TRIGGERED!!!!

    (Pink hat riot ensues, Trump is blamed, Trans “women” protest the pink hats as excluding them, etc, etc, etc).

    …SURE you wanna give the scorpion a ride on your back there, Bounty? Well, don’t be surprised…

  5. “Gender?”
    “Strength has no Gender?”
    Well, no shit, Sherlock – especially since “gender” is a grammatical term.
    How bout “Strength has no Gander?”
    Or “Strength that is Tender?”

    The world’s gone full-tilt stupid!

    “Let’s come up with some really meaningless, puerile shit to exploit these morons!”
    “Ok! How bout ‘Strength has no Gender?’ that’s pretty fucking dumb!”
    “Yeah, let’s go with that. It’ll play right into that super-bad-girl bullshit!”
    (from some executive board room on Madison Avenue)

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. …is there any significance to the label saying “PICK-A-SIZE” just under the model’s breasts?

  7. …and you have the WHITE woman standing IN FRONT of the Women Of Color you so carefully put on your graphic, even though you only have one WHITE dude on the usual wrap. Whatcha tryin’ to say, there, Brawny? SJWs EVERYWHERE will want to know…

  8. …and HOW can you support “Girls, Inc.”, when their very NAME excludes the OTHER 128 genders? Shame, Brawny, SHAME!

    …the point here is, that once you go down the SJW rabbit hole, you will NEVER be able to please ALL of the pixilations of that very unhappy group of people, but you’ve shown them WEAKNESS by trying to appease ONE subset, so ALL of them will now expect you to bow.

    And, if you follow the Martinalova saga, you’ll see that appeasing ALL is an IMPOSSIBLE task.

    …not to mention that this drives off customers that are turned off by virtue signalling, and Bounty doesn’t have people AT ALL on THEIR wrap, just sayin’…

    …why don’t you just sell paper towels and not politics, Brawny. Believe me, your shareholders will be MUCH happier…

  9. Brilliant! Now you can shout your virtue all over the grocery store and as you stand in line at the checkout! AND, AND the “Girls, Inc.” all look like identical (but “nonconformist”) hipster SissyJacks, too! Political message, virtue signal, AND getting played by those no-good, disgusting capitalists all in one shot! Trifecta!!

    (And who gives a damn whether the overpriced product is any good, right?!)

  10. I’m running out of products to buy. I’m gonna boycott my way into living in a cave 😏

    —the tampon comment was a winner!

  11. Uh oh. I spy with my little eye a subliminal message: “Strength has no gender” is written in two different colors. “Strength No” and “Has Gender.”

  12. Waiting for *some* “feminist” to come out screaming that
    cutting off the upper half of their faces in the photo amounts to
    “violence against women.”
    Waiting…but not holding my breath….

  13. First I had to drop Bounty because it’s P&G, now Brawny… guess i’ll be buying Costco’s generic brand, but there’s probably some issue with them too. Sigh.

  14. “la force” is feminine…..”le forte” is masculine….go figger….

    ….so, yeah, strength has a gender….. both of them…..

    and i’m not sure those are females, anyway……

  15. White Girl in Aryan pigtails in front of two others: Brawny is White Supremacism!
    (the sheets are WHITE, after all!)
    (…and they’re all probably making the “OKAY” hand sign where you can’t see it!)

  16. @Bman March 16, 2019 at 4:26 am

    > Thats a huge pack of tampons.

    That’s a pack of huge tampons.


    (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

  17. White Goldilocks girl in front.
    Negro girl on LEFT.
    Brunette girl on right (White girl’s LEFT).

    Oh, yeah …
    Not just sexist and misogynistic, but racist – oh … and miscegenistic cuz none of em are married to a trans-gendered negro-guy (even if they’re practicing lesbians).

    I’m like … y’know … sad … an stuff … that this level of hate is allowed in this country … and stuff …

    izlamo delenda est …

  18. “strength has no gender”
    but the buttons on their shirts do

    yeah, I’m gonna get me some of that (they even have the ‘8’ in a larger font)

    and is deblasio’s wife going to spend a bajillion dollars to find out if you can put them in a toilet?

  19. The original Brawny pictured only one man. Does this mean that 3 women = 1 man? or that it takes 3 women to do the work of one man? Brawny, I need some clarity on this.

  20. Is it a young, white woman in her college dormitory, (into which her parents bribed her admission,) with her two servants of color?

  21. @Billy Fuster: “Is Brawny owned by Gillette?”

    They’re made by Georgia-Pacific, which is owned by the koch brothers

  22. On to Kirkland towels. How funny that a household cleaning product now has women on it in the name of erasing gender stereotypes. Ha. You’ve come full circle, baby!

  23. I am so sick of the macho woman “stereotype “. Every action movie, most teevee shows and commercials now employ the cliche of the bad ass woman who can kick any man’s ass. At the same time, we have to endure the poor fragile snowflake (Christine B. Ford, et al) who break down and cry if a guy looks like he might compliment them. And let’s not forget, reduced standards in the military, police and fire services so women can qualify. Which is it, feminists? Tough broad or delicate flower ?

  24. These companies are stumbling all over each other trying to out twit each other. They catch themselves in a noose.

    Think I will contact them and complain as if I am an offended pussy hat wearing femi-nazi.


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