Are we too far gone?

tampon earrings

PatriotRetort: Yesterday, my brother and I were texting back and forth about the always moronic Melissa Harris-Perry PhDunce who, the other day on MSNBC declared that describing someone as being a hard worker is racist because it is disrespectful of the slave experience.

I texted to my brother that Harris-Perry acts as if slavery were still in existence here in the United States.

My brother’s response was telling. “I don’t think we’re swirling in the bowl anymore…I think we’re past the trap and on that long slippery ride into the sewer system/septic tank.”


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  1. Then, slaves had no choice.
    Now, they can choose to work hard, get out of their condition, and join the rest of us.

  2. Kind of a tough call.
    All the indicators show that we are, in fact, too far gone to recover. As a Constitutional Republic. The simple fact of the clown parade that heads up our “culture” should give anyone pause. The palpable hatred by our political class, towards us, and our nation, manifests itself through the rampant corruption and pitiful lies they tell that we suck up with relish – while doing every possible thing to destroy us – from $20 Trillion in debt, to $200 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, to spying on us, to controlling every aspect of our lives, to their constant call for disarming the citizenry, to branding Americans as “terrorists,” to flooding the country with rat-people (both izlamic and mexican), to crippling the economy so that the urban feral parasites, literally, have no other option but welfare. The housing market won’t recover for decades. A college education, isn’t an education, by any definition of the word.
    We’ve got a pretty rough row to hoe.

  3. PostHoleDigger, Melissa Harris-Perry, who hates her white mother, would not have an ass the size of a Good Humor truck if she personally knew what “hard work” was. Just another poster child for useless affirmative action so called “degrees”.

  4. Aw come on Tim lighten up. Now that we have a new “Speaker” just imagine how great the future will be starting with a “clean slate”.

  5. i’m with you tim on this one.

    very few people are quiet thinkers. majority are idiots, part of a drive-through fast food info culture, where there is no line in the sand. vulgarity rules. men have been sucked dry by harpies with glutten fears. and women seek joy in a reconstituted yoga pant thingybob.

    yeah yeah yeah. there are patriots out there. but they don’t have a lock on the 24/7 media blitz.

    one consolation is that death comes for all and that is a solo journey without group politics arguing your case.

  6. “Aw come on Tim lighten up.”

    What part of “I’m too pale” do you not understand? /sarc off

  7. I get it, Melissa Harris-Perry. What needs to be done in addition to hanging tampons from your ears is to cram couple of them in your nostrils. After that, please twist up a wad of them and shove them into your pie hole!

  8. I prefer to remain optimistic, because otherwise all the drinking to relieve my stress is a real bitch on my liver.

    I felt, even with the Milquetoast Romney, that if American Business could get an “all clear” that the Socialists aren’t in charge anymore, things could turn around PDQ.

    Yes, we have some long-term issues, some real bad shit to contend with, but if a wall goes up, some Mexi-can’ts get shipped out, and the corporate tax rate gets slashed, we could be in for a much better ride than you think. A helluva ride.

  9. You all can “vote” until the cows come home; the American experiment is concluded. An uneducated populace cannot govern themselves. The left has seized the levers of power. There is nothing left but…..


  10. Reading this, and especially Tim’s fine comment, I rejoice.
    It becomes simple
    The human Race is composed of wheat and chaff.
    I choose to be wheat.
    There is some wheat, but there is lots and lots of chaff.
    When TSHTF and we endure true privations, those who read this site (because of their individualistic nature) will be naturally better prepared for whatever changes come.
    Be it Nuclear Winter brought on by Barry’s seemingly Inevitable third world war, a Constitutional crisis (Hitlary’s gun grab), or a plain old fashioned anarchist uprising. We of the Conservative bent have the mental ability to refashion a civil society out of the ruins of whatever happens.
    The chaff, as always, will blow away with the wind; and either starve, or stratify according to their ambition

  11. You beat me to it. I find this pathetic crunt ‘ s f’d – up ideas so offensive that I was going to propose a cage match between her and me in which I would do exactly that.

  12. As a child I found the possibility of living to be 100 quite fascinating. All the adults around me thought that it would be a real possibility because medical science would have so many stunning advances by my adulthood.

    Honestly, now I’m not so sure. I can’t bear to think about what will happen next year, never mind 2057. Miley Cyrus will probably be sworn in as POTUS on my 100th birthday, January 20, 2057.

  13. Melissa Harris-Perry, you tampon earring-wearing, affirmative action, progtard bitch, you insult me.

    Here’s how hard I work:

    A woman from Pittsburgh wants to file a petition to enforce a child support order from the early 1950s. Not only is the information on this case not available to me in the court system’s computerized database, but Family Court didn’t exist until 1965. That order would therefore have been entered in some sort of civil precursor court.

    To file the petition, she must provide a certified copy of the order, which she doesn’t have. I spent an hour today researching the history of New York City’s courts. There was a court called the New York City Domestic Relations Court, which appears to have been the precursor court. The woman remembered going to a court on Center Street in lower Manhattan. Next step, call the New York Public Library and get the reference librarian to look up the address of this court in the 1952 Manhattan phone book. Once I get a call back from her, my next call will be to contact the head Records honcho at the Office of Court Administration to see what the records retention policy was for that court, and whether those documents, if retained, we destroyed in a spectacular Brooklyn warehouse blaze on January 31 of this year.

    You must understand that being this helpful is not a requirement of my job. I could just as easily have refused to file the petition because she couldn’t produce a certified copy of the order–rules are rules, right? But the petitioner is a very nice, elderly woman who is not local. Also she doesn’t really know how the court system is organized. I, as an employee, was at least able to come up with a protocol for researching this problem in an attempt to find a solution. I like doing research. And–something that Pissy Melissa will never understand in her life–my sense of professional PRIDE demands that I do everything to help this woman.

    Ms. Harris-Perry, spank you very much. You, Madame, are a total failure in my eyes.

  14. She’s going to die one day, blowing by a white cop who has the racist gall to stop her with some racist bullshit about some cracker bridge ahead being washed out .

  15. If she thinks that people can’t be described as hard workers, she obviously hasn’t seen the guys in the porno film industry…


  16. It is much simpler. The woman needs to see a shrink and get on some type of medication.

    If you are offended by a word used in normal conversation because you assign some some weird connotation that 99.999% of the population does not, I would say your mental processes are abnormal. Take a pill.

  17. And I’ve had with the media celebrating batshit crazy people as if they are normal! Bruce Jenner is a fruitcake, and so is this affirmative action nut case.

  18. That is indeed a sobering perspective.

    I’ve read the school textbooks back 100 years, watching the progressiveness go.

    It is the slow and very intentional deletion of God.


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