Are you a ‘person of color’ losing an argument? Are you feeling triggered? Fret no more! Call Superwhitey! 

CNN Glorifies ‘White Allies’ Who Want To Police Your ‘Insensitive’ Facebook Comments. 

[That’s mighty white of them.]

Daily Caller: CNN published a glowing and totally uncritical article Wednesday on a group that aims to be “your white allies on Facebook.”

White Nonsense Roundup is composed of 100 self-declared “white allies” who rush “to relieve people of color from the emotional labor of engaging with a person’s racist or racially insensitive thoughts,” according to CNN’s puff piece.

CNN described the group as “roadside assistance for social media debates you’re tired of having.”

A person of color can request the assistance of White Nonsense Roundup simply by tagging the group in heated debates and letting one of the white allies interject themselves into the social media quarrel.

The group apparently has some really big fans. “It’s inspiring. I really appreciate the work that they’re doing and I steadily promote them,” Kevin Tillman, an educator in Oakland, California, told CNN. Tillman says he uses the services of these white allies on an almost daily basis.

“When I saw the (White Nonsense Roundup) post, that’s when I was like, ‘Phew, finally somebody white who gets it … someone willing to carry the burden of racism,’” raved violinist Chenoa Alamu.  more here

21 Comments on Are you a ‘person of color’ losing an argument? Are you feeling triggered? Fret no more! Call Superwhitey! 

  1. I am a proud member of the White Nonsense Roundup because we firmly believe that persons of color are intellectually and morally inferior and cannot adequately defend themselves in social media.

  2. When man doesn’t need to do anything to pay rent , get food or just Survive in general, they start looking for things to do.
    SJW’s believe they have job’s now, the selfless job of pointing out how they are always Right !

  3. I don’t do FB much anymore, but if I do, it’s specifically to make the most insensitive, snowflake-melting comments my evil little conservative mind can come up with – bring it, race traitors.

  4. “White allies” is a code word for white homos that like little boys, especially little black boys and illegal mexicans.

    Instead of luring children with real candy on a playground , they are luring their victims with digital candy using SJW words and phrases.

    Just a new angle for the homo predators to get in the pants of black victims.

  5. someone willing to carry the burden of racism

    Some are willing others, such as white cis-gender male crackers, carry it constantly, willing or not, to the point where “cracker” belongs in the name.

  6. Self important progzis.

    Considering that most of the snotflakes cry racism when their cell phones need to be charged, or their sneakers get dirty, or they’re asked to actually DO something…how do these super-duper heroes deal with all of the fake hate and hoaxes, that the crybaby hordes perpetrate on a continual basis?

  7. The Magic Honkey comes in to save the day, when a full-grown adult minority is not able to speak on their own behalf. It used to be called “Uncle Tomming.”

  8. Poor Lazlo instantly recognizes an untapped market.
    We need Captain Common Sense, and his trusty sidekick: Corporal Punishment, and their henchmen: the Attitude Adjusters.
    I see franchise opportunities galore.
    Some asswipe accosts you about your MAGA hat, and verbally annoys you with half truths, immature reasoning, spiral logic, and communist propaganda, call a local Captain Common Sense franchisee to come out and patiently explain reality to the ignorant ass so you don’t have to.
    When they get in your face, Corporal Punishment, and the Attitude Adjusters deescalate the situation by physically reducing their enthusiasm.

  9. These phony baloney, plastic banana virtue signalers could actually do something if they took on the task of renaming every Woodrow Wilson public school. But they won’t because they are as fake as a three-dollar bill.

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