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Are you excited for the return of this man?

Is DeBlasio really running for Congress?

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  1. Is there no board of directors, no lobbying firm, no billionaire’s foundation which will lure this douchebag away from public office?

  2. “Are you excited for the return of this man?”

    Only thing that would get me excited is to see him and others like him in front of a firing squad.

  3. How can you not be excited for the return of a man of such superior intellect (just ask him), such charm and statesmanship as Warren Wilhelm? Oops. I was supposed to used his stage name, Bill deBlasio.

  4. Tonight’s Tucker Carlson opening wa all about the World Health Organization. Scary stuff. Biden regime got us back into WHO, which has a goal controlling every aspect of our lives. WHO has its own version of ministry of truth and wants total control of our health.

  5. I recall the time when de Blasio (nee Wilhem) proudly staggered his dull (black) wife in the NYC streets, and used her to promote herself like a $5 ho. And she let him do it. Later both stole over $850 million in taxpayer money with NO consequences, money which was slated for the poor and mental hygiene programs. Add that his heroin-addicted multi-detoxed daughter was filmed on a NYC subway train stoned and displaying her private parts all over the place while de Blasio’s meth-head son is too dense to comb his hair. Disgusting no self-respect zombie family.

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