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Are Your Concerns Concerning Them?

This is what I imagine Kamala’s next statement will be:

And these concerns that are concerning to the people are the same concerns that we, nkay,
are concerned with at the White House. We, are concerned that you all have concerns. We will…fix…
those concerns, in these concerning times.

-Koncerned Kamala.

8 Comments on Are Your Concerns Concerning Them?

  1. Out: “mkay”
    In: “nkay”

    nkay. But I am concerned, nkay? Especially if the passage of time is considered, which is important, nkay?

  2. Okay, your concerns are not the concerns that concern those people who are really concerned about the concerns that should be the concerns that really concern those who are usually concerned.

  3. What worries me are the responses to all this by supposed conservative leadership in Washington.
    Seems they don’t want the hassle or don’t see the need to fight for what is right or MAGA.

  4. Their ONLY concern is getting re-elected, by any means necessary. Understand? Capiche? Lying, cheating, stealing. It’s how they roll.

    Problem is, that there aren’t enough CONCERNED citizens who understand that.


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