Are Your Hands Clean?


OPINION: The Dirtiest Part Of An Airport May Be Pete Hegseth’s Hands.

As a former network news producer, there were times I felt like I lived in airports. I’m sure Fox News host Pete Hegseth also spends a lot of time in airports. So when he announced on Fox and Friends that he hasn’t washed his hands in 10 years, because “germs are not a real thing,” I immediately recalled a recent report tracking the dirtiest part of an airport. It’s not where you might expect.

The highest concentration of germs in an airport is not the restrooms. It’s where we place our hand luggage. Hand being the operative term here, because it’s those plastic security bins that virtually everyone handles, which have the highest concentration of germs. We can take all the vitamins we want, or “inoculate” oneself as Hegseth claims he does. (Though he said he “can’t see” germs, “therefore they’re not real,” so I’m confused how he inoculates himself with something he says doesn’t exist.)

Still, I’m not confused about handwashing. It is in fact the single most effective way to stay healthy. Unfortunately, Mr. Hegseth is not alone in his habits. Less than 40 percent of men and only about 60 percent of women bother to wash their hands after using the toilet.

Not washing hands means very real germs leave the loo with us, landing on credit cards, cell phones, computer keyboards, grocery carts, doorknobs, those airport security bins, and even wind up in our wallets. It turns out U.S. currency is a lovely cotton-linen blend, offering a comfortable environment for germs to settle in, offering a whole new definition of dirty money.

A 2017 study found hundreds of species of microorganisms on U.S. dollar bills. The most common ones caused acne. Plenty were harmless. But researchers also found microbes from mouths, vaginal bacteria, DNA from pets, and viruses. A 2002 study found that 94 percent of dollar bills tested by researchers had pathogens on them, including fecal matter. Traces of cocaine have also been found on 80 percent of dollar bills. A theory is that ATMs distribute dollars handled by dealers and users.  read more

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  1. “What’s the ugliest Part of your body?
    Some say your nose Some say your toes
    I think it’s your mind” -F. Zappa

  2. If tsa is sticking their hands in people’s crotches and butts and not performing proper hand sanitation, involving changing gloves, between inspections, that is a pretty high incidence situation.

  3. The on-board magazines in the seat pockets hold the most pathogens anywhere. People cough and sneeze in them all day, EVERY day, pick their nose and leave disgusting remnants in the pages and replace the magazine in the pocket for the next lucky fellow.
    I never touch em.

  4. I was at a city counsel meeting once that was packed with stinky ass fat old liberal bitches. I swear I think they hate soap and water more than make-up. But probably not as much as they hate TRUMP!

  5. My friend’s daughter works at a convenience store and she would tell us how bums and skanks would offer up sweaty sock or bra money to pay for shit.

  6. I think the dirtiest part of an airport are not the plastic bins, but the floor. They demand you remove your shoes and I see people walking barefoot clear through security to a chair to put their shoes back on. I cringe every time I see that, and it’s humiliating to have to do it. The second dirtiest things are the trays on the plane, the arm rest and the seat. I carry Clorox wipes with me to wipe everything down as much as possible.

  7. P.S. My doctor told me that the one airline he would never ever fly on again was Air France. He said it was the stinkiest plane he’s ever been on. BO was permeating the whole plane and it took everything him and his wife had to not puke. For my doctor to confide in me with that info speaks volumes because he’s very conservative, and you would think that he has seen it all.

  8. Casino rules:

    1. Do not touch your head, face or neck at any time
    2. Wash your hands
    3. When you get home, change your clothes immediately

    I follow those same rules after seeing a doctor.

  9. My wife and I went to an Indian casino when she won a raffle for a 2 night stay at the Couer’ d Alene resort and casino in N. Idaho. She was an ex smoker and it drove her nuts because of all the smoking inside the casino that she literally had to shower after every time we ventured into the casino and went back to the hotel. It was a nice hotel but we both hate casinos and gambling.

  10. ‘Need a study of how many gays and trannies wash their hands.’
    Agreed, ‘cept in the states that allow ‘whatever you think your gender is’ take your choice being male/female.
    Than 2 studies will be needed.
    The liberal vote securing and economic way of success.

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