Arguing With Stupid People is Bad For Your Health

I’m almost glad I was banned from Youtube. The level of stupidity could be hazardous to one’s health.

I just got finished watching Triumph the Insult Comic interviewing Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz.

Digg posted it with this blurb-

Both are pretty good sports about it… but one is an even better, less awkward sport about it. We’ll let you be the judge.

For the life of me I cannot figure out why O’Rourke would have to be a “good sport” about Triumph’s treatment of him, he did everything but lick his balls. There was not one insult other than to say his music, played at the border, would be an effective wall.

The rest of the “insults” were asking him if he is concerned with voter fraud committed by the right.

The real idiocy, though, was in the Youtube comments.

The one that really tirked me (that’s tickled and irked combined) was made numerous times. The stupid people marveled over the fact that O’Rourke was so natural and approachable and regular, while Cruz wasn’t, surrounded by bodyguards. This, they said, was because the right is paranoid and consumed by fear.

Uhhh. Cruz is a sitting senator who has been harassed in public to the point of being driven out of restaurants.

In fact, Triumph makes mention of it in his stupid interview.

He said, “everyone should let Ted Cruz eat his meal, which 5 waiters spit in, in peace.”

But this is lost on these morons.

Like I said, I’m glad I’ve been banned.  Just answering Twitter schmucks is taxing enough. But it must be done.



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  1. I get criticized all the time for blocking people on FB. Sorry, I follow some political pages and when stupid people keep posting stupid shit again and again, such as Christians are bad Christians if they don’t support all of these poor people who just want to come here for a better life, I block them.
    It does no good to argue with them and I’m old and don’t give a shit anymore about other views, if your shit pisses me off, I’m not going to read it and it can no longer show up on my newsfeed.

  2. When I first read it, thought it said “Trump the Insult Comic” I LOL’d.
    Seems everyone on the left, including the FU media, has forgotten what happened to Scalise, his aide, a police officer, and a lobbyist at the hands of one of THEIR OWN.
    Reason enough to be wary wherever the crazies might roam-and masterbeto is surrounded by crazies.

  3. Leftists (and I mean all of them: Socialists, Communists, Maoists, Marxists and now most Democrats) wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit them in the ass face.

    Why, oh, why, is so much of humanity beset with this mental illness?

  4. OT

    Remember those Black Panthers? From Twitter. Multiple reports.

    Buddy of mine just called me from the bankhead area of ATL. Said the Black Panthers are at the voting places with guns askin ppl who they are voting for. If they refuse to answer they are ran off by said Panthers on threat of violence. Some one needs to get vid of this.

  5. Pedo O’Rourke will lose this time around. But some shithole cities and douchebag celebrities will keep trotting him out every 2 years.

  6. Brad; I pointed this out in 2008 when barack was running and was told by the Romney crowd it didn’t happen. (Rich Lowery to be exact.)

  7. Talking to liberals is like trying to converse with a Chatty Cathy doll. You pull their string and one of five pre-recorded phrases blares out. They are incapable of entertaining any thought that disagrees with their dogma. They literally can’t even. I give them a couple tries to make a serious statement, then I mock and block them.

  8. Black Panther ‘security’ at a polling place in an old age home handing out literature.

    @ BB – check it out:

    Via Goolag map:,-75.1576068,3a,60y,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s4TptRjAYGzH_aH6raMd5kA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    Talk about arguing with stupid…

    Speaking of Goolag, did any notice this today:

    Go Vote? Never seen this before.

    Like THESE assholes have to remind me??

    THEY have to remind their NPCs…

    I took my boys to vote and gladly voted for Molinaro (for gov) and Farley (for Senate)!


  9. Every minute on Twits & farce bock
    is a piece of your life you will never
    get back.I don’t do “argue” anymore.
    I just say ‘imagine that’…


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