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Ariens Expected to Trim Its Muslim Workforce

Ariens Manufacturing in Brillion, WI used to tolerate the twice a day pray routine of its Somali Muslim employees. No more. And other companies would be wise not to hire someone with a prayer knot on their forehead.


“We are asking employees to pray during scheduled breaks in designated prayer rooms. Our manufacturing environment does not allow for unscheduled breaks in production.”

The Muslims can’t understand why production can’t be stopped so all 53 of them can walk away from their post simultaneously whenever they all decided it was time to pray to Mecca.



23 Comments on Ariens Expected to Trim Its Muslim Workforce

  1. While this move may be considered smart, what really would have been smart would have been to not hire them in the first place.

  2. From reading the article, it sounds to me like the muzzies are trimming themselves. If they walked off in protest, then buh-bye. Find another employer to accommodate your bullying bullpoop. Not likely.

    So, adjust to America, assholes. We don’t adjust to you. Good on Ariens for taking a stand.

  3. Somehow, I think a lot of companies just might figure out the wisdom of your post.

  4. Ariens should have never, ever set a precedence by allowing such crap. That is piss poor management and it will probably cost the company a lot of money for labor attorneys if a lawsuit is filed.

  5. Oh, you can expect a suit to be filed.

    Muslims are directed to pray at specific times of the day, and not accommodating this will be viewed as religious discrimination.

    (And yes I know it’s a crock of shit…)

  6. I was thinking that, too. Just like how Christians go on a rampage when they have to work Sundays, right ?


  7. They don’t need to work. They have several wives all claiming “single mother” status and collecting benefits. They know how to beat the system, while us taxpayers are struggling to get ahead. We are paying for their invasion.

  8. “Ariens Expected to Trim Its Muslim Workforce”

    Hopefully they trim the Muslim work force from the neck, up.

  9. Wondering if Ariens will allow them to “re-apply” after 30 days as Cargill did. We don’t ask you to build lawn equipment at your mosque, please don’t ask to pray and disrupt production at your workplace. Fair enough? Probably not…..

  10. You know why they have an entitled and shitty work ethic? What did they do for “work” before they swarmed out of their collective sandbox? Nothing, they behave the same everywhere they inhabit.

  11. Naaah, they’ll just be on the public dole courtesy of gutless politicians pandering for the Stinkistan vote

  12. I don’t give a crap about their prayer habits. I worry about their proclivity to cause harm to non-Muslims. How do we know they won’t taint the food they are processing? I don’t trust these goat-humpers.

  13. obama will order them to take them back. Of get a “Gibson Guitar” style raid.

  14. Good for them. The only reason they want to pray at all is to draw attention to themselves and cause a problem.

  15. if trimming doesn’t work, try mowing them down

  16. 53?? Wonder how long it will take for one of them to go full mohammed?

  17. Yeah… we’re gonna have to go ahead and let you pray downstairs in storage B.

  18. They pray to a god that tells them to kill Christians and Jews. The moslem “religion” is not compatible with any other religion.

    islam is a threat to peace and life. Don’t hire the Satan-worshipers in the first place. Their moon god wants you dead.

  19. The GEICO Dora the Explorer commercial at the South Pole comes to mind. After a long delay the management finally comes to the common sense decision. Then Dora delivers this greeting, “Welcome ….. What took you so long?”

    It might have been fun to make the prayer room the parking lot.
    The prayers would be – short and unsweet in the Wis. winter months.

    After all it’s OK to force that same condition on Smokers, and their dedication to getting their nicotine fix is as urgent as that “Sweetest sound in the world” that Obozo is fond of. The Muzzie call to prayer.

  20. Ariens needs to have a company BBQ – All Pork products.

  21. Used to be that ‘reasonable religious accommodation’ meant allowing an employee to take a personal day off (if they had any accrued time) for a Holy day.

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