Arizona: 74,000 Ballots Returned with No Record of Ever Being Sent

WJ: Republican Arizona state senators shared the findings of the Maricopa County presidential election audit during a hearing Thursday.

Following the 2020 presidential election, amid then-President Donald Trump’s claims the election was “stolen” due to “voter fraud,”  the state senators decided to conduct the audit in order to validate the integrity of the county’s election results.

Among the findings revealed during Thursday’s hearing was the fact there was no record of 74,000 ballots received and included in 2020’s election results ever being mailed out.

“NOW I get why Maricopa County and Biden admin fought tooth and nail to prevent an independent audit,” journalist Kyle Becker tweeted following the revelations. more

AZ Audit Revelation: Wrong Paper Was Used for Ballots, Could Confirm ‘SharpieGate’ According to AZ Sen President.

WJ: There may now be reason to believe that in November 2020, Sharpies did, in fact, cause significant voter discrepancies on ballots, according to new information that has come out of the Arizona state audit of the 2020 general election.

The CEO of Cyber Ninjas — a software security company — and lead auditor Doug Logan reported that further examination of ballots yielded evidence that appears to support the SharpieGate controversy.

During a broadcasted state Senate hearing regarding the audit’s findings held on Thursday, Logan presented several photographic examples of improperly marked ballots. more here

17 Comments on Arizona: 74,000 Ballots Returned with No Record of Ever Being Sent

  1. So will all those newspapers and news channels print an apology to president Trump for all those times they said “without evidence”? Didn’t think so.

  2. We have had established voting procedures for decades but 2020 was the year that they were thrown out the window for whatever reason sounded good to democraps. In almost every case it is now obvious they had illegal voting in mind and not “preventing voter suppression”. I bet the ballot lay-outs were designed to allow for the bleed-through specifically to increase democrap votes or negate republican votes.

  3. Enigma buried in the sand, a question mark with broken wings that lies in silent grace as a marker in a desert shrine.
    Odd how the real consorts with the shadows, how the present fuses with the past.
    How does it happen? The question is on file in the silent desert, and the answer?
    The answer is waiting for us…in the Twilight Zone.


    Beto is a fraudster who’s never did anything for himself! Any money he’s given has most likely been his wealthy wife Amy Hoover Sanders money.
    So maybe you’d be more correct to say Willie Nelson and Amy Hoover Sanders.

    His own his wife won’t take his last name. What a cuck!

  5. It’s only fraud if the wrong people win otherwise it’s democracy, said Joey Cringe the illegitimate power not president of the stolen election.😅

  6. So, let’s say the audit proves conclusively that Trump won Arizona. Then what? More blah, blah, blah I suspect. I think I’m right that there are only 2 ways to get rid of a sitting president, either impeach or Amendment 25. Neither will happen. Is it any wonder they want to take away our guns?

  7. Ha! I bet the Dems will ridiculously claim that all these shenanigans were the R’s doing because they knew Trump would lose so they did all this to later discredit the glorious Biden Administration. Not far fetched since they are now claiming the R’s were the ones clamoring to defund the police.

  8. Principal Poop JULY 16, 2021 AT 10:07 AM
    “Is it any wonder they want to take away our guns?”

    …I honestly don’t know WHY they’d be afraid of “our” guns. We agree to to let them limit what guns we can have, how we can carry them, when we can carry them, where we can carry them, how many rounds we can put in them, what type of ammo we can load them with, and to a RAFT of rules about when we can actually USE them, NONE of which have EVER been Constitiutional.

    They have us so screamingly afraid to use them that we hesitate to even shoot thugs before they shoot us because we know that even COPS will be destroyed if they DARE harm a preferred pigmentation Brown Shirt, so what chance do WE have? Even if it’s a RIGHTEOUS shoot in your own home, they WILL destroy you with legal bills and continuences, PLUS getting sued by the perp or his survivors.

    …and if we won’t nut up enough to defend ourselves against even a DIRECT threat, pretty sure we’re not going to be making a stand at Lexington and Concord any time soon…

  9. This is yet more proof the the election of Joseph R. Biden was a Miracle comparable to that of the Loaves and Fishes.

    Notice that Biden is being elevated in stature by the media beyond a mere human President. He is increasingly being cast as above and distant from mere humanity.

  10. Senator* Mark Kelly has been very quiet lately. It’s always the crooked election that dares not recount its ballots.

  11. 2016 Russia helped steal a election, 2020 we stole it back. Manufacture evidence to support the claims of a mad man, liar & cheat will get you nowhere. Now just STFU.

  12. things will get interesting when someone gets indicted and hears “the first guy who talks, walks. everyone after that goes away”

    this is not a “snitches get stitches” crowd. when one speaks up, the dam breaks.

    decades back there was a crew of LA sherrifs deputies who busted drug dealers, stole most of the drugs and cash, turned in enough to get the defendants put away. some defendant spoke up, the sergeant who ran the show ratted out his own tribe.

  13. Extralegal voting is a way of life with Democrats, establishment Republicans are on the same team. The establishment Republicans continually and everlastingly dry shave the Constitutional conservative base that they rely on to get elected and especially do so when the chips are down. They lie in our faces and I hold them in even lower regard than the Democrats that are running them.

    Democrats lie openly and the establishment Republicans swear to it or circle the wagons to protect them. Neither are worthy of any respect whatsoever.


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