Arizona: Angel Dad Will Run For Congress

“People like Grijalva, Rashida Tlaib, and AOC are trying to dismantle our Constitution, and by God I just won’t sit there and let it happen.”

Epoch Times:

Angel Dad Steve Ronnebeck, whose son Grant was murdered by an illegal alien, is running for Congress as a Republican in Arizona’s Third Congressional District in 2020 against incumbent Democrat Rep. Raul Grijalva.

“What’s the old saying, go big or go home?,” Ronnebeck said, making his official campaign announcement to The Epoch Times. Ronnebeck has launched his campaign website,

“It’s going to be a complete grassroots campaign. I’m going to be spending a lot of time in CD-3. I do not live in CD-3 as of yet, but Raul Grijalva’s district has 16 percent of the border in Arizona and it is probably the worst 16 percent on the Arizona border and probably the second-worst district along the southern border. It includes the Yuma sector,” Ronnebeck said, noting that he can run in the Third District by virtue of the fact that he lives in the state of Arizona.

Ronnebeck said we are losing American citizens every day at the hands of illegal aliens, and border security will be the paramount issue of his campaign.

Ronnebeck’s son Grant was killed at age 21 when an illegal immigrant shot him “point blank” in the face while Grant was working the overnight shift at a convenience store.

“Grant did everything right. He handed him the pack of cigarettes,” Ronnebeck says of the 2015 murder, which galvanized Ronnebeck to become a political activist. “Grant paid the ultimate price for our failure on illegal immigration.”

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  1. This is exactly what we need in our country. We need US to run for office – local, state or federal. You know that we all would be far better public servants then many of the ones we have now who do not “serve” except to enrich themselves; either monetarily or for power and status.

    I hope that everyone in Arizona will support him and all patriots in Arizona’s Third Congressional District will volunteer and get people to vote for him.

    God bless you, sir!

  2. Over 3,000 Americans are killed by illegal aliens every year. That’s like a 9/11 scale attack each and every year. But the MSM is too busy crying over wetbacks separated from their crotch fruit at the border to worry about Americans being separated by death from their loved ones at the hands of alien invaders.

  3. OH HELL YESSSSS!!!!!! The damned 3rd district in Az runs from the Colorado River south of Yuma along the USA/MEX border thru half of Tucson and circles my house in West Phoenix. I don’t recall anyone running against Raul Grijalva since I’ve been in Az.

  4. Hellz Yes! Finally, a viable contender against that open borders rat Grijalva! Here in Yuma, the Democrats struggle to get a foothold but that liberal bastion in Tucson override our vote. Also, there was some redistricting chicanery that happened a few years back in the AZ Democrats attempt to weaken the Yuma County Republican vote..bastards!

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