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Arizona border town battles strains of mass migration

JTN: The border town of Yuma, Ariz., is on the brink of collapse as it battles a continuous influx of migrants that strains its resources and infrastructure, local officials have warned.

“The average for Yuma on a weekly basis is 6,000 people coming across. Of those 6,000, we have 1,000 to 2,000 ‘gotaways’ — people we have not been able to catch,” according to Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines, Fox News reported. Yuma has a permanent population of roughly 100,000.

“Policies need to be changed when you see an unprecedented amount of people coming across the border that even supersedes what we saw under any of the other presidents for the past 30 years,” Lines said. “And they’re coming because they said that Biden told them to come, that we have an open border.”  more

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  1. Did anybody besides me see Katie Hobbs wearing a “foot brace” today?

    …like McCain did?,
    ….like Hillary did?

  2. “…battles a continuous influx of migrants…” Illegal invaders maybe..

  3. “… influx of migrants …”

    Control the language; Control the “conversation.”

    Illegal-Alien Invading Rat-People – NOT “migrants.”

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. This crap HAS GOT TO STOP!!!

    Biden should have been arrested and impeached a long time ago as a foreign agent, a clear and present disaster, and for a premeditated, deliberate destruction of Our Country.

  5. Time to treat it as it is, an ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION.
    Ready on the right?
    Ready on the left?
    Locked and loaded?


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