Arizona Democrat Candidate Mark Kelly Advised Company Connected To Chinese Tech Business

Daily Wire: More revelations have surfaced regarding Arizona Democratic senatorial candidate Mark Kelly’s connections with Chinese entities or companies they do business with. Kelly reportedly advised and held significant stock in Boom Technology, a high-speed aircraft company that has partnered with the Shanghai-based travel company Ctrip, which according to The Washington Free Beacon has been “a key player in the Chinese government’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative,’ a massive multi-country infrastructure project that the U.S. government has described as a global security threat.” more

17 Comments on Arizona Democrat Candidate Mark Kelly Advised Company Connected To Chinese Tech Business

  1. But, you must vote for him …
    He’s an astronaut and his wife was shot in the head by Sarah Palin supporters.

  2. Didn’t he try to buy an AR 15 a while back? He got really pissed when he failed the background as I recall.

  3. Another clown using fame for power and riches at the expense of morals and integrity. Don’t let your kids look up to people like him.

  4. Thanks Governor Douche for sliding McPhony in their to replace McCain. He could have picked a better replacement but he’s a Rino. Martha is not a likable candidate and is currently no where to be found.

    I’m personally hoping that Daniel McCarthy pull’s out the primary win against McPhony. Arizona is turning blue and we will not get it back if Mark Kelly wins.

  5. If this guy is in that deep with the Chinese then you can bet with some more hard digging you’ll find him connected with other businesses likely including pharmaceutical. If this person can be defeated if may be the last we hear from both him and his wife.

  6. Appears to have his bald head knee deep in Chi Com corruption! Must be kissing kin to Biden and son!

  7. Ed White, Gus Grissom and Rodger Chaffee were great examples of astronauts and heros; this bozo is just another tool of liberal oppression.

  8. Usually these assholes wait until they are in office before they accept graft and corruption. I guess he just wanted to get a head start. But all the california transplants will vote for him anyway.


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