Arizona: Democrat Mocks Threat From Communism; GOP State Rep. Quang Nguyen Fires Back

Rep. Nguyen is awesome. That is all.


[…] What we all should know now is that communists hunted down and murdered so many people after the United States left Vietnam. Thankfully the communists didn’t kill Arizona state Rep. Quang Nguyen. He survived, only to have a Democrat mock him for pointing out the threat communism still poses. WATCH

Quang For Arizona.

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  1. Welcome to the New Communism of the 21st Century!
    Most of us recognize it.
    Only those who secretly embrace it don’t won’t!

  2. White Nationalism does not exist for and is not motivated by a compulsion to increase innocent human suffering, misery and death.

    Communism/Marxism/progressivism exists for no other purpose than to serve the forces of evil and promote active hostility to The Good. It is a wicked and evil, subhuman, force.

    There is no legitimacy in any claim of good intentions on their part, the evidence is regarding what it delivers each and every time it’s apologists and adherents achieve critical mass, seize power and are able to implement their agenda.

  3. …I know a few Cambodians who would have some sharp words for him too, and they weren’t even oppressed by the US, but there was this Communist Pol Pot fellow who lived the ultimate Democrat fantasy at their expense…

  4. The only thing jack azz does is Bray, it is just a meaningless noise. All that changes is the volume or intensity.

  5. My friend Tran was left behind when America pulled out of Vietnam. He was a machinist and engineer. He was captured and put to work on a coastal steam ship under guard of three communists with AK 47 rifles at all times. It took him time to gain the confidence of his captors and over the course of about three years he finagled his way into the pilot house and learned through observation how to pilot the ship.

    One night he pushed a couple of the guards overboard, cut the throats of the ship captain and the rest of the crew and sailed off to freedom with the ship.

    He had a car repair shop and was a heck of a friend.

  6. They should change the name of the Democrat Party to The American Socialist Communist Love Fest. That would be accurate. Run by George Soros. And every thing they do has a purpose and it’s all connected. Watch out for a big ass False Flag over the 4th. The current news cycle needs to be modified.

  7. But that’s OLD Communism! WE weren’t in charge of it then! It will work THIS time, we promise, now just surrender your weapons and freedoms to us and we’ll prove it to you, you’ll see…

  8. The politicians who advocate Communism figure that they will do alright because they are at the top of the food chain. Someone should show that the iterations of that famous photo of Stalin with four other officials. Over the years the other officials were retouched out of the photo until eventually it was just a photo of Stalin.

  9. The democrat party is merely a political affiliation consisting of a very large number of commie ideas.

  10. We know quite a bit of this Hernandez character down here in Tucson, and he is an ahole in the highest order.

    The only reason he gets elected is because he supposedly saved Gabby Giffords life so he gets the sympathy vote. 🤔

    Knowing the voters in that district he will probably get elected to Congress forever. 😡

  11. “The only reason he gets elected is because he supposedly saved Gabby Giffords life so he gets the sympathy vote. ”

    The irony in that actually is mind numbing. There were at least 4 CCW’s in that parking lot when that attack occurred. None of them attempted to intervene. When asked why they all responded the same. Afraid of getting sued. So who’s responsible for that? The Fing Libtards. Unfortunately that cost the life of a little girl.

  12. The only reason he got elected is because he’s a fat Hispanic Faggot who has the lgbtqlmnop community behind him!

  13. The staunchest anti-communists I ever knew were some Hungarians who had to LIVE under communism after Roosevelt gave Easter Europe to Stalin on a platter after WWII. They couldn’t believe there were people here that were still stupid enough to believe in communism. The older ones typically preferred life under Hitler to life under Stalin.

  14. Dem卐KKKrats should have the Highest Suicide Rate of any people… seeing THEY’RE the Original “White Supremacist” supporting Party…

  15. Back during the early days of the TEA Party movement, Quang was invited to speak and many of their functions all over the country. We have been friends for quite a few years and I’ve always known him to be nothing but a total hardcore PATRIOT!
    This is his first year in politics and he’s already kicking ass and taking names!

  16. “The only reason he gets elected is because he supposedly saved Gabby Giffords life so he gets the sympathy vote.”

    If that Hernandez PO💩 ever tries to save my life I’ll say, “BACK OFF COMMIE BASTARD. I don’t want to turn into a vegetable and have some bald loser ex-astronaut who wants to take away our guns wiping my ass three times a day why I slurp down another red Jell-O cup while talking like I’ve had a massive stroke thank you very much!”

  17. This was great. We need more of these slap downs. Like Kerri Lake’s bitch slap of the AZ SOS.

  18. Here it is….Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake hit back hard, exposing Hobbs’ racist rhetoric.

    Radical Progressive Katie Hobbs shows her true colors.
    Hobbs can’t defend her support for illegal ballot harvesting without resorting to accusations of racism.
    What’s really racist is assuming minorities can’t cast a vote w/out a white Democrat showing up to cast it for them

    — Kari Lake (@KariLake) July 1, 2021

  19. Those of us still on Facebook are friends with this man. He is a better American than most people who were born here. I am proud to call him my friend. And his daughter just graduated from the Naval Academy.

  20. I live near a community where many of the Vietnamese who were lucky enough to escape communist after the fall of Saigon were settled. They are, for the most part, freedom loving Americans who work hard. My wife grew up in the Soviet Union and shutters when she hears the word gulag because she understands what went on there back in the day. I have been witness to the mass graves of untold numbers of Chinese people who were starved/exterminated by their Communist masters for daring to oppose them. Communism is pure evil and anyone who tries to convince people otherwise should be beaten severely.


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