Arizona Primary Shows State Might Not be as Purple as Dems Thought

Townhall: Democrats would like to think that Arizona is turning blue. But if Tuesday’s primary election is any indication, conquering the home of Barry Goldwater might not be as easy as it once seemed.

Last week, Townhall reported that PACs like Unite America, a progressive group backed by billionaire Biden supporter Kathryn Murdoch, was targeting red-district races between conservative and moderate candidates. By funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars toward the more liberal candidate, such groups sought to flip the state blue from the bottom up. But in District 15, conservative values triumphed over unprecedented levels of spending by out-of-state organizations. Conservative Senate candidate Nancy Barto soundly beat moderate incumbent Heather Carter in what was arguably the nastiest, most expensive race in the state. Barto doesn’t have a general election opponent, guaranteeing her a spot in the State Senate.

In her victory statement, Barto thanked her constituents for making an effort to “understand the times, to consider the issues we stand for, and come out and vote.” Center for Arizona Policy Action, a family values organization that endorsed Barto, said the win was evidence that Arizona voters “rejected the notion that they have no choice but to move to the left.”

Likewise, conservative State House candidate Justin Wilmeth overcame the thousands of dollars Unite America funneled to his opponent. In fact, all but one of the conservative candidates the group attacked beat their moderate opponent. more

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  1. I get into four rather good sized counties in Michigan on my pick up/delivery days at work. Over the past few weeks I would have to work a calculator full time to keep count of all the Trump signs and flags (and other Republican candidates) I pass. In that same time I can count the Biden signs on both hands. Prior to today I could have counted poor Joe’s on one hand.

  2. Biden signs sounds like it could be a fun locating game kinda like geocaching. Who locates the most in a county in 24 hrs wins a case of scotch.

  3. @gin blossom
    it’ll be like pokemon go, only it’s beidenmon no!
    Let the Memes Begin!

  4. I’m guessing all the so called purple states have seen the looting, riots, violence and defend the police BS and many states may be far more red than they know.

  5. My guess is the report will be another nohing burger. After all the hype, this guy has gone fishing in the Bahamas!


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