Arizona Republic Publishes Cartoon Showing Martha McSally Getting Shot Down

DC: The Arizona Republic published a cartoon on Friday depicting Democratic Arizona Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema shooting down Republican Rep. Martha McSally’s plane.

McSally was the first female pilot to fly in combat in the U.S. Air Force.


The cartoon shows Sinema, holding a rocket launcher, shooting down McSally’s plane with the caption “reason not treason.”

Sinema’s rocket launcher has “substance” written on the side, McSally’s plane reads, “shallow attacks.”  See here


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  1. McSally should put that on flyers and send it out far and wide. In addition to getting the Benson jerkoff fired. Cancel subscriptions to the Republic assuming they still have any.

    Sinema is a real piece of work. Wait, I mean piece of shit.

  2. Last night’s Trump rally in Mesa, every time President Trump mentioned SinEnema’s name the crowd let out raucous boos. Was a beautiful thing. Hilarious to see Mister President go after treasonous bastards of the MSM. Hillary couldn’t get a crowd that size in Los Angeles unless she and Bill were giving away street drugs.

  3. That is unacceptable on any level! Shame on The Arizona Republic. Sinema is an idiot and does not belong in government at any level.

  4. Political cartooning has always been hyperbolic, heavy-handed, and full of violent images and concepts. I don’t see this one as egregiously malevolent, merely normal-level malevolent.

    Go take a look at the old Thomas Nast cartoons. Or more recently, the late HERBLOCK of the WaPo. Benson is unremarkable in comparison.

    I don’t like them, but I don’t pretend that political cartoons are anything other than the ugly crap they’ve always been.

  5. Haven’t gotten that crap newspaper in 4 years. The only thing I really miss is the crosswords and cutting out the Sunday Mutts comic strip.

  6. UA: I’d say that too if Gabby Giffords wasn’t from AZ and I hadn’t watched a decade of commies complaining about violent rhetoric or how sacrosanct John Kerry, Tammy Duckworth or Max Cleland’s military records were and were immune from criticism.

    And other than the fact that Sinema is void of substance. Filled with substances on the other hand…

    Nice touch with the flags on her shoulder fired missile though. If AZ votes for her, I hope McSally’s plane crashes in America and not enemy occupied territory.

  7. Instapundit had a good roundup of Sinema’s previous comments and activism. Supporting Jose Padilla, accusing Bush of putting arsenic in the water, supporting hefty breeding taxes on families to reach zero population growth, pretty open about killing our soldiers and supporting US citizens joining the Taliban to fight them.

    Or, as the cartoonist says, “substance”.

    That woman is nuttier than squirrel shit.

  8. I have said ever since my college days that the progressive movement and radical Islamists are ideologically allied in their hatred for America. They are allies, in much the same way that the United States and the USSR were allies in WWII. We both saw Germany as a threat to our way of life the difference being that Radical Islam and the progressive movement see the Constitutionally bound United States as a common enemy standing in the way of a Utopian vision each holds. A dramatically differing, but none the less Utopian vision that each holds.

    What brought it home to me was in ~1994, years before 9-11, I listened to a radical feminist speaker go on and on about how the hijab was empowering for women in the middle east. I suppose if you were as Goddamned ugly as her, all women being leveled down could be seen as empowering to women who are not seen as attractive. But otherwise… c’mon bitch give the audience some respect for above subhuman intelligence! And, she was applauded and given a standing O. So much for above subhuman intelligence.

    Yes, while in college I took advantage to listen to most speakers who were invited on campus, whether I agreed with them or not.

    I sometimes wonder what would transpire between these two anti-American allies if The United States were not seen as the Great Satan by both???

    God knows their only shared value is rabid, unbridled hatred. Hatred is the tie that binds them. Practically nowhere else can a person go and listen to speaker after speaker get applause for declaring their hatred for some group of people. I suppose you could attend a Klan or Nazi rally and find that, but their political clout and following shrinks to insignificance when compared to the Progs and the radical Islamists.

    If you pay attention to their rallies and protests they are quite similar in fomenting hatred for some group or groups and then trying to control and capitalize on the monster they have created. Although the radical Islamists don’t offer up apologetic on behalf of the progs, the progs are all in for Radical Islam even though they have to pepper their rhetoric with disclaimer after disclaimer.

    I had a progster threaten to go mid evil on me once when he said: You just don’t get it. My response was: No I get it like nobody gets it.

  9. @JDHasty You nailed it. I get tired just reading posts/news. Can’t imagine how tired I would be with carrying so much hate. My late Brother was schizophrenic. Hot and cold didn’t phase him. A lot of things didn’t phase him, but then a lot of things did. I loved him dearly and think about these lunatics. He would put them to shame with his ‘saneness’.

  10. We’ve always been surrounded by lunatics, but now we are also governed by lunatics. Dangerous,diseased, lunatics.

  11. BENSON!!!

    If you’ve lived in Arizona as long as I have, that’s al you need to hear. Steve Benson is a descendant of a renowned Mormon leader Ezra Taft Benson, which apparently forces him to go full nuclear proggtard in his virtue signaling

    We all talk about how proggs are taking off the masks lately. Steve has had his off since before the tun of the millenium. His pathological hatred of traditional heritage America is extreme; one of the most vicious proggs I’ve ever seen

  12. @Callmelennie October 21, 2018 at 8:15 pm

    I’m not seeing the connection. Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (as I would assume you’re implying in your post by drawing the line from Ezra Taft Benson to Steve Benson) would tend to make one more conservative, not less.

    What am I missing?

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