Arizona school district battles angry parents, makes it difficult for students to leave

EAG: PHOENIX – Parents in the Murphy Elementary School District have heard enough excuses for students’ dismal academic performance, and a growing number are now moving to withdraw their children to pursue something better.

A “swarm” of angry parents in Phoenix descended on the district offices in Phoenix Wednesday to demand answers from superintendent Jose Diaz, who was “in a meeting,” The Arizona Republic reports.

The parents argued with a district secretary while demanding forms, in Spanish, to withdraw their children from the district’s schools, which are among the worst in the state.



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  1. “It’s sad because they (parents) have never given the district a chance,” he said. “They are not giving us the opportunity to show them what we’re about to do.”

    The kids only get one shot at grade school, fella. No time to wait for you to get your head out of your ass. Resign now.

  2. The illegals want the American taxpayers to ensure that their kids learn even if they can’t or won’t communicate in English! I hope their ” pursuit of something better” is to enroll them in a school in Mexico, pronto!

  3. Phoenix is a phucking hellhole.

    Any major urban center attracts the shiftless, the perverse, the welfare beaners, the welfare fuzzies, the welfare honkies…

  4. So, the Mexicans are streaming across the border, flooding the schools with their low IQ anchor baby and “dreamer” progeny and then complaining about crowded, under performing schools? Well, screw that! Deport all the wetbacks and that will solve the problem.

  5. How many of these invaders are paying the property tax that fund the schools? Don’t like it? Mexico is right where you left it. Adios ya’ll.

  6. Let me enlighten you all. My brother taught in this district. It was the worst district in town 25 years ago — and it’s because of all those kids named Murphy who were the children of all those drunken Irish. Ya think?

    Actually, one of its schools is located in the middle of worst projects in the whole city. Others are in the poorest Mexican neighborhoods in town. I tried my hand at teaching there just to see what it was all about. Boys starting turning into hard core thugs as early as third grade. Go down a grade and all the girls in class would cling to you because you were like the daddy they never had. That was sad.

  7. …what we’re about to do.

    This reminds me of a pal who married a divorcée. On their wedding night she asked him to be gentle because it was her first time.

    “What? But you were married before!”

    “Yes, dear, but he was a govt PR flack and all he ever did was sit on the edge of the bed and tell me how terrific it was going to be.”

  8. Is that sign out front SUPPOSED to look like giant genitalia, pointing from left to right? People need to catch this stuff before breaking ground.

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