Arizona woman born without a vagina raises money for surgery

KFI: A 22-year-old woman who was born without a vagina is hoping to have surgery that would let her lose her virginity to her boyfriend.

Kaylee Moats, from Gilbert, Arizona, suffers from Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser syndrome (MRKH). She has no cervix, no uterus, and no vaginal opening.

She was diagnosed as a teenager and has lived in fear of people finding out about her condition and making fun of her.

Kaylee met her boyfriend Robbie four months ago. He says he doesn’t care about the lack of sex, but he does contribute $50 each month to fund her campaign for surgery to create a vaginal opening:  MORE

25 Comments on Arizona woman born without a vagina raises money for surgery

  1. That poor young lady, …….and her boyfriend. I’d like to give them some advice based on life experience but I’m afraid I’m no help. Good luck though.

  2. Gee if there was just some other way he could enter her….
    My wife has a vagina she hasn’t let me use in years.
    Maybe we can make a deal

  3. I’ve waited my whole life to hear of someone that had the same affliction with which I was cursed.

    You see, I too was born without a vagina.

  4. “I’m a bit nervous to have sex for the first time after surgery because I’m not sure if something is going to go wrong down there or if it’s going to hurt.”

    Well, it will hurt only for a little while, but if you’re missing some important parts, like the ability to have an orgasm, then what’s the point other than being used for one thing only. I’m sorry she was dealt a bad hand.

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