Arizona’s primary vote day!

Not sure who to vote for?
I have 2 suggestions:

Quang Nguyen For Arizona LD-1


Hop Nguyen for Arizona Senate LD22

Pro God
America First
Pro- 1
Pro- 2A

Pro- Military
Pro- Trump

If they are running in your district, please support them today!

Disclaimer: These men are my friends. Whatever it says on their websites is real. They did not ask me to post this and do not know I posted this. [They don’t know I am a contributor here]
Thank you!

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  1. Unfortunately I can’t vote for these two, but if your in Pima County please vote for Daniel McCarthy, we need to primary out McPhony, she is McCain in a skirt.

  2. Rick
    AUGUST 4, 2020 AT 12:57 PM

    …SHAME on Ms. Lindsey for thinking of another man so SOON, @Rick, but at least his NEW guy’s HONEST about what he is…

  3. Forgot to add that McCarthy is a yuge Trumpster. Let’s shock the establishment, NeverTrumpers and Repube’s Go Daniel!! 🇺🇸

  4. Michigan primary day, too. I just voted in my itty bitty township. I was number 91! WooHoo! No one was running in the R party against John James (they don’t dare!), so I gladly marked in his oval.

    Oh, and we had to have proof of residency – with picture ID! Happy dance!

  5. I never did understand how Nguyen is pronounced Win in English. I worked with a Vietnamese gentleman named Joe Nguyen when I worked for the state of Washington in the late 90’s. He was a good man, A South Vietnamese Navy officer whose live was saved literally at the last moment by being thrown onto A US helicopter when Saigon fell to the N. Vietnamese communists in May of 1975. Most of the Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees that I’ve met since 1975 have become very good thankful and grateful US citizens.

  6. MJA
    Thanks for posting about these candidates, I’m praying that they are all victorious today. 🙏 🇺🇸

  7. My car isn’t working and it’s also my deceased Father’s birthday so-

    I’m not going to be voting in any way. :/
    Don’t feel lik I can at this point.
    I pray that the right candidate gets in office.


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