Armed Robber Gets Shot By Law Abiding Citizen and Moron “Journalist” William Lee Calls the Thug a Victim

Chicago Tribune-

Man paralyzed by concealed carry holder in 2017 dies from injuries, police say

A south suburban quadriplegic who died at a suburban hospital over the weekend succumbed to injuries he suffered in 2017, when he was shot and paralyzed by a concealed carry permit holder in the city’s Calumet Heights neighborhood on the South Side, authorities said.

Brian Ford, 20, was pronounced dead Saturday at Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Harvey, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office. An autopsy performed Wednesday showed that Ford died from a gunshot wound to the neck, along with complications of quadriplegia, according to the agency.

Ford’s injury stemmed from a Dec. 12, 2017, shooting that began with the then-18-year-old pulling his own gun on a 27-year-old man driving his vehicle into a rear yard in the 9100 block of South Harper Avenue, according to Chicago police.

The older man, a concealed carry holder, pulled his own firearm and shot the victim, police said.




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  1. The shooting took place just two weeks before Christmas. He was out Christmas shopping. After he got done with that he was on his way to the hospital to volunteer with the juvenile cancer patients. He was turning his life around. He had a future……then this.

  2. Notice “concealed carry permit holder” appears in the first paragraph, but we only get to learn (circuitously} in the 4th paragraph that the “victim” was an armed robber.

  3. wow, seems like there’s something odd going on in chitown, perhaps they should have someone check the area for climate change issues. there’s allot of lead poisoning going on there for some reason and the mayor needs form a task force and to get to the bottom of it ASA-F’n-P!

  4. He wore glasses so you know he was a scholar. Probably wore sweaters, too. Not turtlenecks though.

  5. A happy ending! Filthy hoodlum gets gunned down by armed citizen then spends a few years helplessly crippled and wollowing in his own waste matter while even the hospital orderlies are repulsed by his odor and refuse to clean him. But it gets better! The cocksucker dies!!!!!

  6. Nothing was stopping William Lee from volunteering, going to the hospital and washing his ass if he was so concerned about the poor thug.

  7. He’s lucky he wasn’t killed outright.

    He had time to think after he was shot, I hope he repented and found salvation in Jesus before he died.

    I hate to see the devil win another soul.

  8. Typical pavement ape entitlement. They truly believe they have the right to steal from and abuse anyone they want at anytime they want – especially if their target is white – and it’s only an outrage if their targets successfully defends themselves from the black thug’s “right” to rip them off and abuse/murder them.

    Fee fi fo figger… OMG, do I hate…

  9. Many stories like this end up with either the police charging the shooter, the victim suing the shooter or the victim suing the hospital. I suspect all 3 were either seriously considered or still in motion now.

    Going against the grain, I do feel sorry for the kid that died. Yes, his own actions caused his demise but a family lost a son, too soon. Also consider that the shooter no doubt went through, is going through some terrible mental anguish himself. Even when justified, someone that is intimately involved in another’s death never walks away unscathed, and I speak from personal experience here.

  10. Shitty journalism. Don’t portray the robber as the victim. He started it and suffered the consequences of his actions. The real victim was the old white dude defending himself.


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