Army captain who tackled suicide bomber gets Medal of Honor

florent groberg

WASHINGTON — Army Capt. Florent Groberg, who saved lives and was severely injured when he tackled a suicide bomber in Afghanistan, was awarded the Medal of Honor at the White House on Thursday. – NYP

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  1. Captain Florent’s Medal Of honor is worth far more than barry’s so called Nobel Peace Prize. What Capt. Florent did is honorable and above and beyond the call of duty, barry’s so called peace prize is a worthless prize for doing nothing but being politically correct and black.

  2. Obama HATES these ceremonies because they remind him of what a total failure of a real man he is. However, this marxist sewer dung rat in no way can diminish this young man’s heroics, cheapen the award and this young man’s honor, or ruin the moment. Well done American soldier! And F.D.R. In Hell is on stand-by you petulant little Kenyan fraud…

  3. It would mean a lot more if it were awarded by an actual American Commander in Chief. But congratulations, just the same.
    Maybe we can redo the ceremony when we get a real Commander/president.

  4. “For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty.”

    Indeed, I salute the brave & honorable Captain Groberg. I doubt many people outside the military (and those actively serving, for that matter) know that ALL ranks salute a Medal of Honor winner, no matter his rank. A PFC Medal of Honor winner is rated a salute from the C-in-C to a four star General/Admiral & everyone else down the ranks.

    Captain Groberg demonstrated what we all should realize as we are invaded on all fronts & what Gen. George Smith Patton made plain – “Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.”

  5. I’m sure that Captain Groberg was nauseated by O’baba’s cheek to cheek hug. Groberg deserves another medal for restraining himself from giving the president the same treatment he gave the terrorist.

  6. Groberg. Jewish, by any chance?

    Obola musta been triply pissed off:

    A real man of heroic deeds
    A real soldier in the US Army
    A Jew

  7. Hussein award a Jew the CMH?


    Florent Groberg was born in Poissy, France, near Paris, on May 8, 1983. He is the son of American Larry Groberg, originally from Indiana, and Klara Groberg, who is French, of Algerian descent. He became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2001. (Wiki)

  8. On “The Fve” on Fox they saihe was a recent (LEGAL) immigrant. True? If so I wonder how long before Hillary tries to attach him to illegal future deocrats.

  9. Bunch of Grobergs emmigrated from Russia back during the pograms, with names like Moses Groberg, Saml Groberg, &c.

    I’m not attempting to disparage the guy.

    Just curious.

  10. To the Jews, a child’s ethnic determination is made by the mother’s lineage. An inappropriate attempt to dilute this man’s heritage may be frowned upon in a manner that you will consider unacceptable. Tread with discretion.

  11. I am in awe of such a selfless man- what an honor to have him SERVING our country in the Armed Forces. My father served in WW2. My husband served for during the Vietnam War. My son has served for over a decade. I hold my heart in gratitude to the people who protect all of us. They protect all of us. ALL- they do not ask what you believe in or who you voted for. The act with courage and dignity. i am forever grateful for these individuals.

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