Arnold Schwarzenegger will sue oil companies for ‘first degree murder’


WaExaminer: Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Sunday he is going to sue big oil companies for “first degree murder.”

During a live recording of a Politico podcast, Schwarzenegger said he was talking to several private law firms about taking on oil companies in court.

The Hollywood actor compared oil to the tobacco industry, and said both are “knowingly killing people all over the world.” Schwarzenegger said the tobacco industry had to pay millions of dollars in court for hiding the fact that tobacco had adverse side effects, and said he hopes oil companies will have to do the same.  more here

28 Comments on Arnold Schwarzenegger will sue oil companies for ‘first degree murder’

  1. I have got to get my family members to leave California.
    There has to be something, toxins, brain wash, vapor trails, Pelosi’s crappy wine/whine, hell if I know.
    Something is making them crazy as a shit house rat.

  2. He compared oil to the tobacco industry, and said both are “knowingly killing people all over the world.” …as he puffed on a cigar while driving his hummer.

  3. The lawyers are gonna fuck him as hard as Reggie does Obola.

    If they don’t get everything at once, they’ll just be stringing him out – sorta like a pension – till he dies – the gift that keeps on giving.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Can we sue you for your violent movies that have caused so much murder in America?
    Go # your homely looking maid.

  5. For first degree murder, you need a human victim and the perp needs to intend to kill that victim. Gaia isn’t a real person (I hate to break that news to you, Arnold), so the earth can’t be a victim. There are undoubtably people in Los Angeles who had their lives cut short by smog, but smog existed in the LA basin before big oil, people know about smog and can move away if they are too concerned about it, and LA wouldn’t even exist as a major city in its present form without big oil. So arguably big oil really intended to benefit millions of people by providing fuel for heating, cooling and transportation instead of intending to kill people.

    Intending to kill your customer base seems like a poor business model and will cerrtainly discourage building repeat business. But from the lawyers’ point of view, having Arnold write a big retainer check and keep the legal fees rolling is certainly a wise business move.

  6. Realy, Aaahnold? When did oil companies start using nicotine in their product?

    Are kids using their vaping liquids to run their cars, now?

  7. Uhhhh excuse me Crapinater, just how do you plan on acquiring “standing” to sue these companies?

    Fucking idiot.

  8. As folks like the Governator get older, they struggle to maintain a sense of relevancy. It’s sad, really.

  9. So let’s countersue for Ahnold’s murder of the English language and lowered standards in theater presentations…..


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