“Arranged!” is a board game that exposes the evil of Arranged Marriages

The culture of arranged marriages is still very prevalent in South-Asian societies. Many girls are forced or emotionally blackmailed into marrying someone their family chooses for them.

Their husband is usually chosen on the basis of his wealth and social status, or sometimes, even as a business deal. The woman’s role in these types of marriages is just as superficial. They have to present themselves as being the perfect bride at all times, which leads to using things such as skin whitening creams and diet pills. Most of these women cannot fight against the culture because they aren’t educated enough to be able to provide for themselves.

I think the first step to fixing any problem is to acknowledge that there is a problem to begin with, and to have a conversation about it.
“Arranged!” masks the darkness of this topic, and provides a platform for people to be able to discuss these issues in a very lighthearted setting.

The entire game will be printed and manufactured by in Pakistan, in order to help support small businesses.

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I hope it’s a success. Then they could branch out and do “Mutilation.” The game about female genital mutilation.

The spin-offs could be endless.

Where the games would get weak, though,  is when American feminists start making games about their very serious issues –

“Derriere.”  In this game women are gawked at in the street by evil men who enjoy shapely derrieres. When you land on “aging squares” the stares get fewer and farther between. The idea of the game is to pretend the side-eyed glances are sexual assault while you’re getting them, but try like hell to avoid the aging squares, because when you’re ignored altogether you’ll have to pay for the “butt lift” so men can once again “sexually assault” you.

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  1. Lots and lots of women already choose a husband for his wealth and social status. I guess these women want the option of snubbing the poor suitor just to go for the trappings of wealth anyway.

  2. Similar games for the USA:

    – “Brainwashed!” – Roll the dice and choose paths to molding young minds into leftist philosophy

    – “Burned!” – this fun family game follows the destruction of neighborhoods in Ferguson, MO. and Baltimore, MD.

    – “Overdosed!” – Fast moving game set Appalachia. Trade sexual favors for oxycontin, and the first player to OD wins!

    – “Fraud!” – Race around the game board to see how many times you can vote in one day in southern California.

    – “Emasculated!” – Players take turns creating ideas and phraseology designed to remove any semblance of male masculinity. First one to reach the “Gender Reassignment” square wins! Fun for the whole family


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