Arrest Made In San Fran Crime Spree Targeting Asian Women

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Three suspects have been charged in a hate crime spree involving dozens of purse snatches and robberies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area targeting Asian women, authorities announced Friday.

San Jose police said 23-year-old Derje Blanks, 24-year-old Anthony Robinson, and 27-year-old Cameron Moody were arrested following a yearlong, multi-jurisdictional investigation.

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office said evidence has revealed that the defendants targeted the victims because they assumed the women – who were almost all of Asian descent – carried cash. There are numerous incidents where victims were pulled or wrestled to the ground during the robberies. Some victims were injured. More

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  1. Let me guess, a bunch of hate filled white guys, like we’ve been told!

    Oh……SHOCKER…….a triplet of Dindu’s………

  2. I knew it would be those Damned Canadians from the Yukon Territories with their Slammed Snow-Mo-Billes and furry hats Eh!

    Thank God for the Northern Boarder America, We be saggin!

  3. I have worked with “Asian Ladies” for the last 40 years.
    Trust me,you do not want to piss them off.
    Most are Vietnamese forced to China and then ended up in Canada.
    Their babies are now making more than me.

  4. @Alexb

    I got a Pho Restaurant in Vaughan that I go to at least 2 times a week for Vietnamese Soups, Spring rolls, Stew, Squid, Beef Noodles. The Family works 7 days a week & the Whu Flu hit them hard. Fuck Lockdowns!

    They are HARD HARD WORKING People and they are educating their kids to be Professionals not SJW’s.


  5. @kcir
    For those who do not know, Vaughan Ontario is a white bred den of antisemitism and people who don’t like burgers.
    Just with you dude/

  6. OMG, they’re black.
    Well, lather my ass with vaseline and send me to bed.
    Whoa there, Larry the Liberal Faggot — I was just kidding!

  7. Billy: They probably solved the crime in 2 weeks, the rest of the year was spent trying to figure out how to make the announcement so it would comply with the political directives from SF “leaders”.

  8. “This dangerous criminal spree was solved thanks to the hard work of the San Jose Police Department,” Rosen said in a news release. “We will hold these defendants and anyone who worked with them fully accountable for their ignorant and destructive behavior.”

    Yet, Humper Biden, daddy dearest, are still leashing destructive behavior on America. No one is holding them accountable. They are practicing hate crimes on Americans every minute they breathe.

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