Arrest Them All

Pictured, the scorched backyard where chicken shop terrorist ‘set off incendiary object in dry run’ – as he was videoed by family member

New York bomber's garden pictured with burn mark from 'practice run'

The alleged NY and NJ bomber was disclosed to have been videoed by a family member at their Elizabeth home letting off an ‘incendiary object’. The damage it did is revealed by Rahimi (right) who is still to be questioned by the FBI, is said by federal authorities to have set off the device on September 15, two days before the New York bombing. They alleged they know about it because it was videoed by a family member. The Rahami family are facing increasing scrutiny over what they knew about the alleged fanatic’s plans.

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  1. …and denaturalize them.

    “Although rare, it is possible for a naturalized U.S. citizen to have his or her citizenship stripped through a process called “denaturalization.” Former citizens who are denaturalized are subject to removal (deportation) from the United States.”

    Put them all on the list, and bring it into the 21st century. Nothing on there but a bunch of nazi concentration camp guards.


  2. I’n sure they will be brought to task. Just like all the other accomplices, abettors, enablers and silent consenters, before them.

  3. People don’t realize that this is what a good moslem looks like. This is a devout believer of islam. Death cults need to be outlawed. Period.

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