Arrested ISIS Terrorists Planned To Gas Everyone On Australian Plane


Four Lebanese men in Australia, who have been arrested for alleged Islamic State terror activity, intended to take out a commercial jet by gassing hundreds on board.

The Lebanese men were reportedly building an incredibly sophisticated, “non-traditional” improvised explosive device that emits a poisonous, sulfur-based gas, The Australian reports.

Police conducted a raid Saturday in Sydney to arrest the men, all related by blood and marriage, when they received a tip from a foreign intelligence service and discovered the device was nearing completion. The arrested men are dual nationals and had close contact with ISIS in Syria.


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  1. Every Muslim is a potential terrorist who will not hesitate to kill you and your family.

    Present any differing logic. I’ll wait.

  2. I’ve got a great idea! Let’s take in several thousand of these same true believers that have been stranded in offshore holding pens after being rejected for asylum by Australia. This will prove that Obama was right about something after all, and show the world that we are still a caring nation. Not really. Isn’t it glaringly obvious that enough of these people hate the West wherever they seek refuge? They should all be returned to their own countries and not brought here.

  3. The “refugees” repaying Australian humanitarian generosity.

    “Foolish woman, you knew I was a Snake when you took me in.”

  4. A billion muslims will continue to pour over borders, if you don’t stop them.

    Then, your country will just like the middle-east: sectarian violence, bombings, shootings, revenge killings.

  5. “Incredibly sophisticated”? I highly doubt it. These islamic science geniuses have either never flown before, or if they have flown before, they were loudly praying during the oxygen mask demonstration. Unless they have a secret, incredibly sophisticated plan for that, too.

  6. @Fritz the Cat July 31, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    Every apparatchik is a potential terrorist who will not hesitate to kill you and your family.

    Oh… wait. Never mind.

  7. I trust a pit bull who has been bred for temperament and is properly socialized at an early age.
    The incestuous, low intelligent muslims are neither.

  8. Lock them in a closet at the jailhouse, push the button and see how good their fabrication skills are. Actually, they have the IED gig down pretty good but I wouldn’t be surprised if this just stunk up the plane like somebody flared a whole book of matches. When you get him off the beaten path, old Muhomer al-Simpsoni doesn’t always do so well. I’ll be interested in seeing the post mortem on their rig, providing we ever do.

  9. I wonder how they calculated how many cans of beans they’d have to eat before boarding….

  10. Note they didn’t say all were related by blood OR marriage, a nod of the head to the incestuous practices of these people.

  11. Don’t Just Arrest the Men ! Those Women Are Pigs That Would Spit on You and Blow You Up . They Are as Evil As The Men !!!

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  13. The terrorists should have been lead off the plane to an execution site, giving them exactly the same rights they would have given to plane passengers.

  14. Time for all rag head airlines. They would own all assets. All musloid crew, all musloid passengers. Ban musloids from all free-world airlines. In about 10 years there won’t be that many left to worry about.

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