James O’Keefe reports that the THREE CONSPIRATORS to disrupt President Trump’s Inauguration HAVE BEEN ARRESTED!


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14 Comments on ARRESTED!

  1. I hope they fell against a curb or two, and ran thier heads into large black flashlights, during the arrest and booking process

  2. It’s a wonder Mr O’Keefe can walk, with the size of his Big Brass Ones clanking down the hall.

    He goes where even fools fear to tread. My hat is off to him in respect, and I pray for his safety with every assignment he undertakes.

  3. Did I miss something? Where are the “glorious details”? All I read was that they’d been arrested. What are the charges?

  4. Good work by O’Keefe . The arrest took long enough though, about a month. I wonder who finally made the decision? Now let’s see what happens in court.

  5. As Deplorable B Woodman already pointed out, James O’Keefe has huge brass balls! He uses his real name, an unpixelated face and walks up to the enemy face to face! I wish I had his courage! The last person that I knew that showed that kind of courage disappeared.

    Where is Ann Barnhardt?

    As always Mr. O’Keefe, thank you for what you do!

  6. Snowflakes, meet you new cell mates. They’ve never HEARD of social justice, but, they sure do like new fish.

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