Art 101 – Interpretation

Menderman sent this illustration published by Politico. They used it for an Obama retrospective. He wanted to know how I interpret the art.

Let’s all interpret it.


UPDATE: This was my initial thought when I saw the art. (I put a watermark strike through in it because I don’t want it to be used. It’s not fair to the artist.)


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  1. ….as Obysmal bumbles to the end of his journey, climbing to the top of his mind’s creation, Mt. FluffMore, he looks back at the full ‘moon’ and fondly remembers his ‘Reams of My Farthole’

  2. Atop Obama’s ‘Mt Rushmore’ a lonely figure in a crisp suit is disappointed to see that no one else joined him along the nation’s transformation. Walk it back or jump? There are 11 months to go….

  3. A tiny man perched on his gigantic sense of self before descending down to the dismal reality of who he actually is.

  4. I’m having a hard time getting to the interpretation part because I’m still trying to figure out how you can get such nice, sharp jagged edges when you are finger-painting with your own shit.

  5. What’s wrong with you people? . . .
    it’s obviously the yodeling mountain climber game from The Price is Right.

  6. He’s looking back to his beginning. He’s almost at the end of the road. He’ll have to go back because of who sent him here.
    I’d call it ‘His Road from/to Perdition’.

  7. But if it was a sinking ship he’d already be gone. He’d have been on the very first lifeboat, throwing as many people overboard as possible before forcing someone else to row him away…

  8. I see a little man who was hoisted up on a GIANT false impression of greatness and now he just realizes it is over, with nowhere to go but down.

  9. It is obvious that the thing on the bottom is the Big Zero, but the man on the top isn’t necessarily him; it could be “any man.” I like BFH’s interpretation, but I don’t like to think that the face of America is Obama.

  10. Reminded me of an Aztec pyramid with all those steps that their human sacrifices had to climb in order to have their beating hearts cut out of their chests and held in the air, which is what he has done to those who still have hearts in this country, and to babies at Planned Parenthood.

  11. All good interpretations, everyone. First thing I “saw” was little o with an indian headdress on.

    But stairs make more sense and, yes, please JUMP!

  12. when i first glanced at it, I saw the bow of a WWII sub emerging from the water. After I blinked, i notice rasta hair, but settled on “I have no clue how to interpret that rack of BS”

  13. What’s wrong with you people? . . .

    Sure to be another popular post subject for another day.

    Fur already started it the other day when no one could post…

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