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Art of the Scene – Omaha Beach in Saving Private Ryan

WWII Omaha beach

Firearm Blog: Upon its release, Saving Private Ryan was lauded for its realisitic portrayal of the storming of Omaha Beach by US GI’s in World War II. The scene is used today in the military to show the horrors and psychological impact of pitch warfare and is commonly named the “best” battle scene ever filmed.

Creating it was not an easy feat.

At the steady hands of Steven Spielberg, the shooting took over 15 days to film using over 1,000 extras and the main actors. CineFix’s “Art of the Scene” works to capture that effort in a 10 minute video complete with  – read more

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  1. I seem to recall reading that the opening shot is twenty minutes long.

    Spielberg deserved an Oscar for that alone.

  2. I haven’t seen the movie. I liked “The Longest Day”.

    Almost two years ago we went to the American cemetery and the beaches of Normandy. It was so beautiful there and hard to imagine the terrible battle raging on those beaches. When I was standing there I thought of all the men who fought, who were injured and who died and were buried there and thought of what is happening to our country. I became so angry and couldn’t stop the tears.

  3. My oldest is gearing up to watch this. Still processing Band of Brothers. I told her these men are disappearing every day… she retreated for awhile for a good long cry.

    There’s still hope.

  4. All those lives lost in all those wars just so a traitor like Obama can throw it all away. And Spielberg and Hanks help put him in office.

  5. I watched it once. Having been in combat the sound effects alone were so realistic I had nightmares for several weeks, the sound of bullets impacting flesh were so real there’s no way I want to watch it again.

  6. the Omaha Beach battle scene in ‘Private Ryan’ is probably the most realistic depictions of the actual battle of Omaha Beach. It shows the sheer brutality, courage & carnage that went on.

    It is truly an absolute shame that people such as Speilberg, Hanks, Damon, et. al. would create such a work & then laugh behind the backs of the American people to fawn over such people as they would desire to rule us.

    …not them, us

  7. I prefer Mel Gibson’s movie We Were Soldiers which was probably the most realistic movie about Vietnam. And the Killing Fields which is a movie about what happened in Cambodia after the war was over in Vietnam which still haunts me, it’s a great movie.

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