Artist Crafts Constitution’s Preamble from Desert Rocks in Nevada

Breitbart – A Washington, DC, artist put the finishing touches on his patriotic piece of art in time for the Fourth of July in the Nevada desert, where he used rocks to create a life-sized Preamble to the Constitution along a highway. Go see

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  1. I just took a picture from MSNBC. The Supreme Court has Just ruled that states can force the electoral college to vote for the popular vote winner. I cannot believe that under a 5-4 REPUBLICAN Supreme Court just voted to fundamentally change the United States from a Republic to a democracy. The only thing I can imagine is that the lawyers for the Democrats used states rights as a way to undermine states rights.

    This is not a joke, there’s going to be a war. Prepare yourselves.

  2. This is the biggest political story since the ratifying of our constitution. The news did a 10 second blurb about it and then went back to reporting on Donald Trump “falsely” claiming that 99% of coronavirus cases are asymptomatic.

    I’m telling you, put a note in your calendar, today is one of the biggest days in American history. Two days after Independence Day Our government just decided to fundamentally change Our country from a republic to a democracy. A democracy always, always leads to an oligarchy.

  3. The national popular vote is made up of the individuals living in each of the states. Each state has a select amount of electoral votes based upon the population of that state. Adding up the vote of the electoral college is how we get a president, not by popular vote of the people. That’s a democracy. The electoral college is the basis of a representative republic.

    This is why we have two opposition parties. One being those in favor of a representative republic: Republicans. The other those being in favor of majority rule or a democracy that’s why we call them Democrats.

  4. The elite want every country on a level playing field. They can’t elevate third world shitholes to the greatness of the USA, so they have to lower America to third world status. This is just another page in the playbook.

  5. Why the hell is the Supreme Court still in session? Doesn’t their term always end at the end of of June every year. Oh I know they lost time this year because of the fucking wu flu. That’s a bullshit excuse. Go home and leave us alone and quit fucking with the Constitution. Pardon my swearing but these 5 worthless assholes piss me off.

  6. Back on the topic of the preamble crafted of rocks in the desert… Could we just refer to it as an odd act of patriotism, rather than a work of art?

  7. According to some friends of ours who live there, Antifa and BLM showed up in Fallon a few weeks ago and were met by more than 100 armed-to-the-teeth citizens. Battle Born, baby!

  8. Why are people watching MSNBC and then feeding us their drivel. This was a unanimous decision protecting the people from rogue electoral voters. Get a grip!


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