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  1. I once purchased a Chocolove Ginger-Crystallized-in-Dark-Chocolate bar. It turns out it had no ginger. At all. So I sent it to the headquarters with a little note. They replaced it with a good one. Gone are the days when you would get a whole bag of Tootsie Rolls lollipops if the one you bought had no fudge center.

  2. I got thrown out of an ihop once. I pointed to a picture on the menu and said “I want this” When it came, I told the waitress to take whatever it was she brought me back and bring me my order. She sent the manager over and he told me to read the fine print, it clearly states that the photos were representations of the actual meal and the actual meal may vary.. I told him “I didn’t order fine print”, I pointed again and said “I ordered this”. He said that was not available and told me (and my whole group) to leave. The funny part was my 4 friends were almost done with their meals by the time we were told to leave, so they all ate free!

    Next step, I went to the Waffle house and ordered a number.

  3. Actually if you can score a real bowl of skyline chili it’s pretty awesome stuff. At least it was when I was drinking.

  4. I’m old enough and cynical enough to know that nothing is “as advertised”.

    If it was, then advertising companies would not be needed.

  5. All those photos of “food” aren’t of actual food, they NEVER look that good.

    Although I think there was a guy once who went around and bought a burger from all the burger joints and compared them to the marketing pics. Wendy’s did well if I recall.

  6. @ @bob_annon

    I don’t eat fast food except Chick-Fil-A. I can say I’ve never had a spicy chicken sandwich that didn’t look like the advertised pic.

  7. SKYLINE Cincinnati chili is great stuff but you’re supposed to make your own spaghetti, treating the chili like sauce, and top with a handful of shredded cheddar.
    The “chili spaghetti” product is like Chef Boy-Ar-Dee.

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