As Biden Says Islam is Peaceful, D.C. Imam Calls for Jihad

PJM- Robert Spencer

No sooner has Joe Biden reminded us that Islam is a peaceful religion than a Washington, D.C.-area imam comes along to spoil the love fest. Dr. Sulayman Ali Hassan preached a sermon recently at the Shahe Najaf Islamic Center in the D.C. suburb of Alexandria, Virginia, in which he makes it clear that jihad is an obligation on all Muslims and that it has a violent component. Maybe Old Joe, being one of the world’s foremost Islamic clerics, can drop by the Shahe Najaf Islamic Center sometime soon and explain to the good Dr. Hassan how he is misunderstanding Islam. Until then, we can only hope that none of Dr. Hassan’s hearers decide that Islam is being attacked in a way that calls for a violent response.

Hassan, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), is a Shi’ite who was born in the United States but spent ten years studying to be a Muslim cleric at a seminary in Qom, Iran, a center of Shi’ite learning. In his sermon, he declared that “Islam has emphasized that we should all be mujahid.” A mujahid is a warrior of jihad, or a jihadi.

This doesn’t mean that Hassan was telling everyone to go out and commit an act of terrorist violence, but he did leave the door open to violent action in defense of Islam: “When the time calls for one type of sacrifice, we should be ready for that type of sacrifice. If Islam is under attack, then we should make sure that all of us are preparing and readying ourselves to be able to defend Islam in the way that it is being attacked. If there is a physical attack, then we should all be ready with martial training and self-defense training so that we can stand up for our rights and our dignity. If it is an intellectual attack, then all of us should be armed with the weapons of intellect and reasoning.” more here

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  1. Coming soon to a city near you. Expect more gun violence, and more legislation.

    To all of you in Cali, good luck, I see Newsom punishing everyone, for your insolence in thinking you could stop the self appointed Royalty.

  2. Do you think they’re putting on a live performance of “1984” for us?
    Good is bad, bad is good.
    Muslims are peaceful, Christians are violent.
    If their mouths are moving, they’re lying.

  3. “As Biden Says Islam is Peaceful..”

    Gee, where did he learn that from? Why, it was his friend across the aisle.
    Wasn’t it?


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