As Brexit Goes ‘Down the Plug Hole’, Farage Prepares New Party for ‘Biggest Battle Yet’

Breitbart Europe: Nigel Farage has confirmed he is planning to launch a new political force to save Brexit, vowing he “won’t lie down” as the political establishment tries to overturn the referendum result.

The Brexit pioneer, who resigned from UKIP last week, told the Sunday Telegraph: “I sense within me I have not fought my biggest battle yet — that is how it feels. Whether it is happenstance, serendipity, destiny.

“I am not going to lie down and watch it go down the plug hole. I couldn’t do that. And I won’t do that. If there are European Parliament elections I am standing and I am thinking about vehicles do to that,” he added.

Though Britain is supposed to leave the EU on March 29th 2019, two years after the Article 50 clause of the Lisbon Treaty was triggered to begin the Brexit process.

Mr Farage said he believes there is “a 55 to 45 per cent chance” that delays will see the United Kingdom still in the bloc when the May 2019 elections to the EU Parliament take place.

“My view is that, between now and Christmas, Article 50 will be extended. Is there a lot of conversation about what then happens? Yes. If the Brexit ball is dropped completely, it will have to happen,” he told the Mail on Sunday.

“Look, I make this absolutely clear, if they suspend Article 50 and we fight in the next European elections, I will be there.”  read more

9 Comments on As Brexit Goes ‘Down the Plug Hole’, Farage Prepares New Party for ‘Biggest Battle Yet’

  1. Teresa May is to Brexit what Paul Ryan was to a border wall and repealing Obamacare.

    Charged with enacting policies they didn’t agree with so they capitulated and collaborate with the opposition at every turn.

  2. May sucks a big one.

    Milquetoasts are great desteoyers, as we have seen here with the likes of mccain, ryan, Boehner, flake and the like.

    Amazing how a communist like cortex was electable but not Christian Judge Moore in Alabama.

    The GOP ain’t looking out for us, folks. Donald Trump is.

  3. The globalistas are playing with fire. The yellow vest rioters are getting the first responders to switch sides and that protest appears to be gaining momentum.

  4. ‘Honor’ has been used by May in PMQs to explain why the British taxpayer must pay the EU a very large exit fee. That room has to smell.

  5. Excellent point, JD…will American cops stand up for the regular Americans who support them, or for those leftist elites who want to take away cops’ abilities to defend themselves and arrest bad guys?

  6. “The enemy of those that call me enemy, is my ally.”

    So, if Nigel Farage can lean in against the traitorous May regime, good on him. If Farage chooses to lean in against the traitorous May regime, that is.

    Somehow, quitting the team that’s actually fighting the traitorous May regime, because “That’s not we are!”, and announcing your candidacy for the European Parliament, to assume your throne after the deplorable populists are shown what’s what, doesn’t sound very sincere. What do you think, Bill Kristol?


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