As Christian Baker Heads to Court, Hundreds of Artists Speak Out to Defend Free Expression

If they have any integrity, ethics, brains, and good faith at all, included in these hundreds of artists I expect many of them to be leftists.

How would, say, a left-wing tattoo artist, like to be compelled to tattoo something they are highly opposed to and offended by?


The Supreme Court is gearing up to hear one of the most important cases of the 2017 term.

In Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the court will consider whether the state of Colorado may compel cake artist Jack Phillips to create custom wedding cakes for same-sex weddings in violation of his religious beliefs.

The court’s decision in this case won’t just affect Phillips. It will affect other artists who may want to decline to use their creative talents on projects that violate their own consciences.

To highlight just how broadly this decision will be felt, 11 cake artists and 479 other creative professionals filed amicus briefs at the Supreme Court. Here’s what these groups said in the briefs.

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Cake Artists

The 11 cake artists who came together for this amicus brief note that cake design is a form of art. They explained to the court that they “create images of beauty that evoke ideas and emotions in deliciously edible form.” And if you don’t believe them, they included plenty of pictures in the brief.

While these artists did not write for or against any party in their brief, they explain that the creative process involved in making cakes is just as intricate and expressive as songwriting, painting, or web design.

Cake artists must use visual-art skills such as painting, drawing, and sculpting, and they must be able to create a unified whole from a series of individual artistic elements, such as textures, photographs, three-dimensional objects, and color.

In fact, custom cake design is so artistic that artists’ designs can be protected under federal intellectual property law. As the brief points out, the Library of Congress has thousands of custom cake designs in its copyright record.



17 Comments on As Christian Baker Heads to Court, Hundreds of Artists Speak Out to Defend Free Expression

  1. Going to get worse as
    the attack on Christians ramps up.
    Commies & Socialist don’t like
    the masses opium…

  2. I would like to know *why*
    1) this is NOT being fought under “religious freedom” (1st A) and
    2) this IS being fought under “freedom of speech” (expression.

  3. Czar,
    The 1A says what the FEDGOV cannot do. The 1A has no say over state and local law. Hence this SCOTUS filing.

  4. What a conundrum….Christian….gay… speech…..freedom of religion…..see ME!….what’s a Libtard to do??

  5. At what point do we draw the line at where we can force merchants to go against their will?
    Suppose these two wanted the baker to draw something pornographic on the cake? Would they have to do it? Why can’t the baker consider homosexual activity as objectionable as porn? Why can’t the baker say “I’m not in business to do that”

  6. If they can ban freedom of association we’re all screwed because then we will be forced to associate with everybody whether we like it or not. And then we will be no longer free because the govt. will tolerate no dissent if we don’t agree or dislike other people, religions (except for Christianity and Judaism, they’ll be fair game), lifestyle, political opinion and affiliation, sexual orientation etc. for whatever reason. When do they start throwing us in jail or persecuting us for not obeying their ungodly and unconstitutional edicts? I for one will not bow even of it costs me my life and reputation. These stupid bastards if they get away with this just may have lit the dynamite that could start a civil war. I pray that there are enough votes in the Supreme Court to nullify this.

  7. Personally, I do not like to see the religious angle used when it comes to art. If I’m a cake artist or tattoo artist who just doesn’t feel like spending his days drawing …say, unicorns, then it’s nobody’s business but my own. You cannot force me to spend my days drawing unicorns.

  8. Sure, I’ll bake you a cake – be sure to inhale deeply to savor the rich aroma of the icing and artwork before you shove a big slice into your ‘spouses’ face.

  9. But just think how much money you could make from marketing pictures of fragrant, aromatic scratch and and sniff unicorn farts to liberals. They could carry little pictures of unicorns passing gas on pendants hanging around their necks taking a hit of it whenever they feel stressed out. And who knows maybe unicorn farts might just smell like marijuana smoke.

  10. If they can force people to make gay cake then we can force leftist artists to make beautiful images celebrating the greatness of God Emperor Donald Trump. And send them to jail if they don’t do a good job. Let’s see how they like THAT!

  11. Great points, BFH!
    With the designer shoe on the other foot, what about all those fashion designers who said they refused to make clothes for Melania bc of their political views? No one is taking them to court!

  12. My first two adult jobs were bank teller and small loan company employee (read: debt collector). After that, I decided I never wanted to have another job dealing with the public again. I’ve never regretted that decision, and this whole kerfuffle just reinforces it.

  13. Last thing I want to do is to force a bakery to make my cake and then have the baker say, “ohh yeah I’ll bake you a cake, alright. A really nice cake…” and then they wink at me sarcastically. LOL.

  14. And I should be able to go into a Chevy dealer and demand he sell me a new Ford.
    Nobody was stopping the gays from starting their own bakery.

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