As Dems Retake Government, Standoff With Party’s Left Flank Looms

WFB: Victory in Georgia has guaranteed Democratic control of the White House and Congress, giving President-elect Joe Biden expanded options but also denying him cover from the demands of his party’s radical left wing.

Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff’s surprise double triumph on Tuesday makes possible many of Biden’s more expansive legislative priorities, such as his promised revisions to Obamacare or his $2 trillion climate plan. But it also means that he has lost the convenient excuse of a Republican-controlled Senate, which would have allowed him to refuse the more revolutionary changes endorsed by members of his party.

Instead, progressive groups are already agitating for proposals such as ending the Senate’s filibuster. Eli Zupnick, spokesman for the left-leaning Fix Our Senate, responded to the news of Warnock and Ossoff’s victory with bluntness: “What does this election mean? The filibuster is dead.”

Similar calls will soon emerge from other corners, pushing for court packing, the addition of new states, radical appointees, and the agenda of the House’s socialist “squad” caucus. Paradoxically, Biden’s victory in the Senate may have set up an even greater battle: not against Republicans, but across the ever-growing fault lines which divide his party.

As much is particularly true due to the razor-thin margin by which Democrats control government. They will hold the Senate only through the grace of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, while Republicans chipped away at their already narrow control of the House in the November election. read more

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  1. If we’re going to defeat these charlatans, we need to corrupt their ability to broadcast their propaganda and counter their message while doing that. Coordination and organization are the key. Being secretive is paramount. STOP carrying your cell phones everywhere especially if you’re going to meet up with like-minded people. The satellite radio in your vehicle is a TRACKING DEVICE… IT MONITORS YOUR VEHICLES LOCATION even when it isn’t running…. have someone drop you in the area your meeting location never at it. TRUST NOBODY. .
    History has already demonstrated to us the results. Let’s not repeat it.

  2. It’s not so much the revolution eats it’s own, but that the revolution eats everything. They have control of elections, law enforcement and the media so regaining power will not happen.

  3. Their next move, in the guise of big tech reform, will be to toss the useful idiots out of the way and take complete control of the web. Guess it’s a good think a lot of people can’t read cursive.

  4. “Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff’s surprise double triumph”

    Surprise to whom??? You had the same gutless two-faced Governor, the same corrupt Secretary of State, the same vote-switching machines, and the same shady methods as back in November. Exactly who was surprised by the outcome? Disappointed and even horrified, yeah, but surprised???

  5. My prediction is Biden will be shot with an AR-15 by a man in a MAGA hat while the secret service is suspiciously absent. It will give them everything they need.

  6. First thing the Dems in Pa announced after Georgia’s “smashing election” results was that Lt. Gov. Fetterman (pusher of legalizing drugs, socialism, and rigged elections and having Karen Fetterman for a wife) is considering a run to be one of our next Senators.

    Why not – it’s just another way to prove I’m obsolete.

  7. Now the the Dems control everything, it is possible that they will crack down on the radicals in a way that would have been vilified had Trump done it. And then they will say how much better things would have been HAD Trump done it and was incompetent for NOT doing it.

  8. RadioMattM – I’ve expressed that theory also. They’ll find out the meaning of “useful idiots”.

  9. …I don’t know who wrote this article, but I stopped reading when the first three words were “Victory in Georgia”

    The Democrats did NOT win elections in Georgia.

    They stole them.

    Same with the Presidency.

    That is NOT a “victory”

    That is a FRAUD.

    …so if you start your article with an unasterisked lie, I know I’m only going to find more lie support further in as a REAL patriot should NEVER write ANYTHING that validates this travesty in ANY WAY, regardless of WHERE they’re going with it later…

  10. The only way Biden/Harris get in trouble with our military is to defund it. The military won’t like that. Money talks loudly.

    It is a possible scenario because Joe is in China’s back pocket. With a weakened US military, China can do what it damn well pleases in SE Asia. Our allies over there, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, South Korea will fold up like portable chairs if our military can’t help them.

    OTOH, he may strengthen our military to do what the imperialists did in the last few centuries, i.e., to make war on smaller, weaker nations to control them and their resources. These would be the ones who balk at being part of the global government.

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