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As McConnell Sounds Like He Wants To Abandon A Ship, Rick Scott Wants To Captain

Rick Scott is working to push Senate Republicans into the majority, while Mitch McConnell seems more interested in vindicating himself.


Republican senators are set to face two options this January. The first: a GOP Senate minority led by longtime leader Sen. Mitch McConnell. The second: a Republican majority, led by Florida Sen. Rick Scott.

Theirs is a fight that’s been publicly brewing since (at least) McConnell’s December declaration that there would be no 2022 GOP agenda. After another month of missteps, however, their battle might have real-world consequences.

Despite D.C.’s omni-useless conventional wisdom about the GOP Senate leader’s endless savvy, McConnell has given up on the duties of his job, turning on both his voters and his party. Scott, by contrast, is clearly aiming for the job — and is working hard to show he deserves it. Who gets it might depend on which party wins this November.

Scott has placed his chips on a Republican majority and a plan of action should the GOP gain one. Toward this service, in February — 10 weeks after McConnell had promised no legislative agenda for the 2022 agenda — Scott released his 12-point plan.

The release of an actual plan to run on infuriated McConnell, who came down on his leadership colleague with the kind of rage he often spares his political opponents but reserves for the apostates in his midst. more

15 Comments on As McConnell Sounds Like He Wants To Abandon A Ship, Rick Scott Wants To Captain

  1. He was our Governor. He gave up executive jets, salary except one dollar a month, and didn’t use the executive mansion.
    He has a CEO in charge attitude.
    In some ways, a lot like Trump without the personality.

  2. @Anonymous September 5, 2022 at 6:52 pm

    Then send him back to Kentucky, but just get him the hell out of DC.

  3. I have no problem with the good people of Kentucky re-electing this fool term after term, it’s their funeral, but the fact that the other GOP senators meekly fall into line to support him as party leader reveals an appalling lack of judgment and makes them all suspect as poor leaders and even worse patriots.

    Having a 12-point plan of action is nice, I guess, but at the top of that list better be an emphatic non-equivocating statement aimed right at Biden that he might as well go take a 2-year nap because he ain’t getting nothing he wants past The Senate.

  4. McConnell is waaaay past his Sell-By date! Time to permanently retire him along with the rest of the cast of Cocoon that are trying to run things in this nation… into the ground!

  5. What is it with these super wealthy pols? He doesn’t have much time left and he’s still not satisfied with all the power and money he’s accumulated? Time for Term limits.

  6. It was McConnell, or Amy McGrath, the self described “most liberal person in the state of Kentucky.” I voted for Mitch, but had to hold my nose. He should not be the leader, majority or minority, and needs to hang it up.

  7. @Anonymous September 5, 2022 at 7:13 pm

    That makes more sense. I didn’t think McConnell was ever the Governor. None-the-less, I look at Scott with a jaded eye. He left Kentucky after selling Columbia Healthcare to HCA and moved to Florida. Is he a carpetbagger? Is he a RINO? I don’t know, but his ego is immense. I’m just wary of his motives.

  8. Scott should get McConnell backed into a corner, and give him a Harry Reid “exercise equipment” black eye.


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