As N.Y. cases, hospitalizations, deaths bottom out, Cuomo threatens to shut down restaurants again

JUST THE NEWS: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is railing against residents who he says are irresponsibly getting together in large groups, threatening to unilaterally reimpose statewide restaurant closures if such get-togethers do not immediately cease. 

The governor’s warning Monday came as cases, hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 in the state have all effectively bottomed out, reaching three-month lows and showing no immediate signs of increasing. 

What inspired the governor’s tirade wasn’t clear. The state’s coronavirus dashboard gives no indication that any of the key metrics of the COVID-19 pandemic — new infections, hospital admittances and fatalities — are on the rise. All three of those measures largely flatlined nearly two months ago.  MORE

17 Comments on As N.Y. cases, hospitalizations, deaths bottom out, Cuomo threatens to shut down restaurants again

  1. Forget prison, this guy needs to go straight to a mental institution.

    He really is a danger to society as a whole. They used to put people away for alot less than what this guy has done.

  2. He is just following the orders received from the evil bastard behind the CoronaCold PanicDemic, Bill Gates.

  3. Anybody know the story about how this scumbag killed a guy in Queens in 1978 over a coke deal? I’m trying to find out more info. No statute of limitations for murder. I got some details from NYPD detective who knew the cops on the scene. If you know any details help get the story out

  4. The Gov. needs to STFU and self quarantine for 14 days after his vacation trip to Georgia. This also applies to everyone in his entourage.

  5. Andy Goo – Ahh – Moe
    is only the governor of NYS

    He is NOT g-d of NYS !

    Time this autocratic pig
    was put in his place.

    The American people


    be dictated to !

  6. If NY is willing to pay homage to this maggot – and NOT drag him to his death behind a Benelli 550 – then they get everything they deserve.

    If you are a willing slave you have little to complain about when you realize your life has no value.

    New York is PAYING this maggot, this crook, to be their DICTATOR!
    He can’t do it without willing slaves.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. I hate the fact that politicians in general are so completely insulated from retribution. They can render an incredible amount of harm to society and skip off unscathed {and wealthy to boot}

  8. What a great fucking idea! Close the hospitals and send all the Coronavirus ptients into the nursing homes…because Science(tm)!

    My hero.

  9. @Joe Btfsplk – yeah you would think he would have to ‘play’ by his own rules correct?

    Well, he’ NOT, he has already said because he is ‘essential’, that the quarantine need not apply to HIM.


  10. No clear reason for this? Seriously? The reason is sitting in the Oval Office and Dems want him out. Destroy the economy, send elderly to certain death, whatever it takes!

  11. He will have to give that billion back to the police so he can have all us nonconformists arrested.🥴

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