As Oleg Atbashian says, JUST LEAVE US ALONE!!!!!!!

My hope is that the president will get to these issues within the next 3 years. He has a lot on his plate to undo, but I think this is an extremely important piece to remove in order to send the socialist apparatus crashing to the ground.

The Department of Defense blocks its people from accessing The People’s Cube.

Oleg Atbashian came to America to escape government oppression, tyranny, censorship, and the entire collection of the socialist/Marxist/communist’s greatest hits.

Little did he know that the socialist sympathizers here in America would be getting all up in his business. Literally.

I know I’ve been hammering this point a lot lately, but it’s a fact. It is difficult to make the same living a conservative was making as a blogger/writer, internet personality, content producer 2 or 3 years ago. Things got much worse when Trump won, not because of Trump policy, but because the left is fighting back in underhanded ways, using their cronies in high level public square positions to exact revenge on anyone whose worldview is different than theirs.

Facebook, Twitter, Google are private companies, they can do what they want. What they want to do is be part of the leftist goon squad. They take their marching orders directly from the DNC. (Ironically, they accuse Trump of colluding with the Russians. Meanwhile they are utilizing Soviet tactics in the worse way possible – by keeping you from making a living.)

If you are a skeptic and need evidence that the deep state government, holdovers from the Obama years, are busying themselves with some “insignificant bloggers,” look no further than this —>

Oleg is a hater and a racist!!!

I’ve known Oleg for a decade. He does not concern himself, at all, with identity politics, only to point and laugh at it and explain why it is anti-freedom.

I’ve never read or viewed a single racist element in all of his works. But our government has branded him.

Read here

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  1. @BB – I know I went to the site after seeing this. I have it flagged as a favorite, but I forget about it sometimes.

  2. I don’t think it ever helps for the government to be branding citizens racists.

    Nor does the person trying to access that site going to talk with the network admin to get permission for that “racist hate speech” site they like so much.

    Imagine your local government erecting a barricade that prevents people from entering the main entrance of your biz from the street.

    Anything that restricts your traffic is meant to harm.

    Any pro-BLM / Antifa sites on this blacklist?

  3. So the DOD engages in an Un-American activity blocks the site of an emigree from one of America’s long time enemies, which features sharp satire of many of America’s sworn enemies

    So what country is the Dept of Defense defending? Certainly not America

  4. As long as the government is into censoring, perhaps it’s time for the government to take a look at subversive, anti American sites such as MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, NPR, and MS-ESPN?

  5. I can confirm this, and it’s not just People’s Cube. It’s pretty much any conservative or libertarian website.

    I’m active duty Army. The only news sites I can access at work are mainstream media (CNN is playing in all the waiting rooms in our hospital…and don’t get me started on the irony of our pumping communist propaganda into every nook and cranny of a US ARMY hospital), and of course ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING left-wing.

    Vox. NPR. HuffPo. You name it. Not trouble at all getting to those.

    But if I try Ace of Spades or Breitbart – blocked.

    Interestingly, Drudge Report is also not blocked.

  6. screw Drudge Report.

    I told BFH a while back that I was uninstalling the Drudge app off my cell. I’ve had it with Grudge’s growing NeverTrump-ism

    I get my info from Breitbart, Washington Times, American THinker and IOTWReport.

  7. MG Lovell –

    My point exactly. Only lefty sites are not blocked. Yet I’m expected to believe Drudge is right wing?


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