As Political Sport, Lots of Ways To Spin Moore’s Defeat

Is this a referendum on Trump?


Trump wanted Strange. See, Trump wins again.

Also, Moore would have been a big PITA to the right for the next couple of years. The dems would be hammering away that, “we ‘drain our swamp’ while the republicans elect guys that have done far worse than the people we have ousted.”

Also, with Jones winning the dems have to purge Franken, who was only hanging in the wings in case Moore won.

So, there is a lot of silver lining here. I’m not throwing my pen on my desk, a la the “fair and unbiased” Peter Jennings, who on live TV had a visual tantrum after the Hill flipped to the republicans in the midterms.

Let’s forge ahead.

Vent in the comments.

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  1. For some reason I’m really not that upset about this. Not that I think Doug Jones will be a good Senator. I don’t.

    But I do think Roy Moore would have been a millstone around the Republicans’ neck. The Democrats weren’t subtle. They were signaling already that they’d use Moore to smear the Republicans. His loss disarmed them of that weapon.

    Besides, I always believe things happen for a reason.

  2. So, does this mean the appointment of Jeff Sessions has been a big disappointment from beginning to end?

    I’m waiting for what Trump tweets about it.

  3. As much as I wanted Moore to ride in and kick butt in DC, he also might have been a big distraction. With all that the media threw at him and the outrageous stories that cropped up near the end, he still did pretty well. Stay confident. The winning will continue. MAGA!

  4. Absolutely, Loco.
    The left cracks me up, in that, they think their philosophy wins in the end.
    It doesn’t, it never has. Humans have to eat to survive. Their system always ushers in periods of austerity and starvation.
    Yes, the demographics do not favor the right in the coming years, but nothing reeducates a lefty quicker than living under lefty rule.

  5. I’m not sure what to think, hopefully the MSM will tell me and everyone else. I know better than to believe what they say but 90% of the country doesn’t.

  6. Seriously. What would have changed with Moore winning and the RINOS still inside zeroing in on him and threatening him? Moore doesn’t have the one man wrecking ball attitude that Trump has.

  7. How many of you thanked God on the night of November 8, 2016?

    Keep thanking Him, keep praying. We haven’t hit the 15 minute mark of the first quarter.

  8. I read on a different site where an Alabama judge order no ballots were to be destroyed (I think he was referring to electronic) so I expect a drawn out pissing match. With the election being as close as it was should be fun. ( This was 2 to 3 days ago)

  9. Sessions was the very first respected (at the time) politician that got behind Trump full throttle and helped Trump become the serious contender. If Sessions didn’t get behind Trump it might’ve been a different primary.
    So the choice of AG was payback for Sessions loyalty. Sessions, being the lifetime politician that he is, became a HYOOGE disappointment.
    As for the loss tonight – I think I’ll put on a pink pussyhat and black neckerchief mask, scream at the sky, start burning and destroying property in Alabama. I will shout Russia, Russia, Russia. Accuse everybody of sexual assault. And I will do it until we win back Alabama!

  10. MJA,

    They are coming for Trump. The Russian Bull Shit went down in flames. Now it’s a ll sexual aligation all the time. CNN will be going ape shit with bleeding Vay Jays DJT penetrated. Just 15 minutes ago. They ALMOST had him on camera. Don’t believe me. Just wait.

  11. I’m surprised at how fast some of you have folded regarding Trump accomplishing his agenda because of the initial outcome of this election.

    There will be a recount, and if Moore edges it out over Jones you’ll all be about how great Trump is, and how you knew it all along.

    The first round snapped past your heads and you drop your rifles and scatter? Show some backbone.

  12. Yeah, they will continue to be assholes to Trump in every way possible. Not news. They were still bringing up the perv angle and the russia angle and the hidden taxes angle since before he got elected. Nothing changes. Moore’s gone and they’ll be busy High 5-ing themselves for the next 6 months. Nothing changes at all. The russia ‘investigation’ is still going on isn’t it? Yeah, it is. lol. Please.

  13. Brad,

    To some of these people it does. Trump, having all the damn congress against him, has kicked ass the past year.

    Do we really think this Hillary lackey is gonna do anything significant against Trump?

    Trump is gonna excel in the coming months in spite of the headwinds.

  14. AS if. Moore wins and McConnell, mccain and ryan keep him locked up in “investigations” and shit. What use would he be? I’m being serious. Nothing changes until Mcain dies and mcconnell gets flattened on the side of the road and Ryan gets caught fucking a llama. they’re the heads of the GOPe crime family.

  15. Now everyone the Left or the RINOS hate will be smeared with absurdly phony sex charges. No good man will ever be elected again

  16. Egg on face. Just read on free republic there was a late.hour court decision ruling they can now destroy electronic records.

  17. Out of all crazy aunt maxine’s impeach 45 tactics… the one they took a vote on, only 58 dems wanted any part of it. And that was just for show because they know they have NOTHING on Trump. It’s 10 loonies, and the others were doing it just to do it. What did it do for them? Nothing. It made Pelosi angry they even tried that shit. PELOSI. Even she ain’t that crazy.

  18. Oh yea, I forgot to add, All the RINOs like Ted fing Cruizer bailing on Moore certainly didn’t help. Way to stand your ground ass holes.

  19. Bad_Brad – Exactly. Dude did it alone. This far, and the rinos are the ones who took him down, not the dems.
    The RINOS are in the way no matter who won Alabama. They would have hog-tied Moore in the senate because they had an angle that they themselves helped create.

  20. OK, I guess y’all are right. I think I’ll take my tent down and throw in the towel. America was fun while it lasted. Too bad we didn’t win just one more sorry ass election. Hillary, stick a fork in us, we’re done. Gimmie a fucking break! Did we fucking quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

  21. Personally, Lazlo wanted Mr. Moore to lose.
    If he had won, he would have benn hounded out, paving the way an building momentum to displace Mr. Trump.
    Now, Moore fades away, and we re-align objectives

  22. Brad’s right in the RINO instance. McConnell and McCain types derailed this potential landslide win and turned it into a popcorn fart.

    I still think that Moore is gonna eek this out after they count the military votes and certify the results. It’ll be like Franken’s win in reverse.

    …or did we forget about what happened in MN?

  23. The Democrats flopped with the Russian collusion gambit. They threw out the trial balloon of sexual harassment to see if it would stick in the Alabama race. With the help of the GOPe, it did. With this success, now every future Republican candidate is assured that they, too, will face this tactic when they run. And being gentlemen, they will meekly bow out of the race. Thank you, McConnell.

  24. The left executed the vilest of vile character assassinations in recent memory. They falsified documents. They spent millions in campaign donations to Jones. They even had Republicans working in their favor.

    The result:
    A Senate victory by less than 1%.

    Victories don’t come much more Pyrrhic than that.

  25. We knew this since the 0bama days: McConnell, McCain and Ryan can’t be trusted. Nothing changes til they are gone. Somebody get a whore up there with some harassment charges. See how they like it. 😉

  26. How’s that go? “He persisted.”

    Roy Moore Refuses to Concede: ‘God is Always in Control’

    ” A Moore staffer urged supporters to wait, noting that the military votes had yet to be counted. Moore is about 22,000 votes short, but it is uncertain whether the uncounted votes tally up to that number.

    “May God bless you as you go on, give you safe journey, and thank you for coming tonight,” Moore concluded. “It’s not over and it’s going to take some time.”

    The election is scheduled to be certified by the Alabama Secretary of State by Christmas, but a recount throws that result into question. “

  27. Moore lost. But God is still in charge.

    Moore’s family won’t have to put up with that cesspool in Washington. It might be a blessing to stay out of that.

    Ryan and McConnell and co-horts may feel they have won, but in the eyes of the American people, these men have made.asses and fools out of themselves and the voters will remember.

  28. Moore may have lost but the job’s not finished. His accuser needs to be destroyed. No walking away from this, Moore has to be vindicated and the accusers life as she knows it must end. She has to become known as a liar who was perchased by the Democrats and brought down an honest man and cost DC an honest Senator. There has to be an object lesson out there for anyone who thinks about throwing in with the Democrat party for these types of election frauds. The Dems will be emboldened by this victory so while the seat may belong to them for two years the people need to be shown it was won by deceit.

  29. Now human beings don’t have to worry about being lynched anymore. Decency beat hate. And perversion.

  30. Not knowing much about Moore, other than what I have been exposed to on the internet, he scores pretty high on my gag meter. The voters in Alabama would know him much better.

    My position is that he is preferable to Strange and Jones, who represent the uniparty. If he is proven guilty, or admits to wrongdoing at a later date, force him to resign and start over.

    I am guessing that Moore scores high on a lot of Alabamans gag meter and they just couldn’t force themselves to go out and vote for him today. A lot of conservative voters get pretty prudish when it comes to politics and politicians. Politics is, and politicians are, ugly. Until conservatives get real, they will never prevail.

    Trump has woken up a lot of conservatives, but it is a long process. I hope he doesn’t stumble.

    It will help a lot to find better candidates. Moore filled a vacuum. He was not the ideal candidate, but the ideal candidate either did not exist, or was not interested. Many of Trump’s coattail riders are just political parasites looking for their ticket to the Swamp, getting funding from special interest groups looking to build their own stable of Senators and Representatives (Freedom Works comes to mind). The same thing happened with Reagan, the Contract with America and the Tea Party.

    The most palatable candidates are active in the Republican Party but are reluctant to buck the State Party bosses or challenge an incumbent. This same caution follows them to Congress.

    Firebrands and rebels have the personalities to change the system but those same personalities often have skeletons in their closets and/or traits that put off voters.

    Well, Moore also knows his state. If he hasn’t conceded, its because he feels there is still a decent chance of winning, or at least forcing a recount. He may not trust some of the counties’ results. It is good to see a scrapper. I hope he isn’t the flawed character my gut tells me he is, but at least he is a scrapper. That’s why I voted for Trump, and he is assuredly a character and flawed. We will need a lot of that before we are winning.

  31. Never believed the allegations but the riding in on a horse thing tells me he is all about getting attention. Now he can focus on suing his accusers and Gloria Allredass which may be entertaining

  32. At the risk of being called an asshole by those of you screaming helplessly at the sky, just how the fuck will Trump’s agenda advance when Republicans are spending their time investigating Roy Moore? Isn’t it bad enough they’re dragging their feet and being distracted by Russia? Moore’s very presence would have brought the Congress to a screaching halt. Not that it’s moving briskly along now.

    They weren’t going to put him on committees; they were going to isolate him. And they were going to investigate him. So tell me, what good is having that vote for Trump’s agenda when your very presence is yet another excuse for the Senate to stall on Trump’s agenda?

    Is it right? No.

    Is it fair? No.

    It also isn’t bending over or abandoning Trump. If I wanted that kind of breathless, defeatest and melodramatic talk, I’d visit a pro-Hillary site.

  33. McCONnell, the vindictive obstructionist got what he wanted, so let’s see what type of “leadership” he displays now.

    McCONnell is a problem of many in the less principled GOP establishment

  34. Wrong. What you are seeing is what happens when they bring the full force of their media control upon a threat that they take seriously. They didn’t take Trump seriously. Now everything Republican is a target and they’re pouring it on thick. Flimsy allegations and the Big Lie repeated over and over again works in Alabama. ALA-FUCKING-BAMA! You think it’s going to be that hard in Florida, Ohio or Pennsylvania? Shit, Pennsylvania just had elections where these petulant children turned out to vote Dem to “get revenge for Trump” and it sure worked. The Dems and GOPe are working harder to crush this rebellion.

  35. I absolutely do not believe the Moore accusers. It was a setup from the start. Anybody who read anything about his history would know this. How can one disprove 40-year-old allegations?

    That said, I agree the he would have been a distraction in the Senate. What worries me the most is that the left will probably now go all in on the Trump sexual harrassment allegations, since it worked so well in Alabama. It will be constant drip-drip-drip until (if) the Mueller witch-hunt is shut down.

    We have a big problem, folks, and it not just the Democrats. I pray daily that Trump has big plans for all the traitors in our government. We have no choice but to keep fighting.

  36. Forging ahead, it’s good to see *who else* is a ratbastard GOPe-er…LIKE ROGER SIMON of PMSMEDIA.

    Chiming in without a second to exhale, he spits on Bannon (!) as the blame for the Moore loss.

    Bannon?! Pick up yer sh!t and go to the Kristol/Shapiro/Frum Kiddie Room, ya loser.

  37. SCR*W all this “Moore would have been a burden on the GOP Senate” bullsh!t!!!

    The Dems get it; Alabamans – and even some here – clearly do NOT:

    GET IT?!?

    Even a 2nd Murkowski as bench-warmer – which Moore most decidedly would NOT have been – would have been better.

  38. p.s. Oh, yeah…51 Dems in the Senate and the Trump Agenda is DEAD.

    Details, details…but “Moore would have been a burden”…sheesh!!!

  39. “Nothing changes until Mcain dies and mcconnell gets flattened on the side of the road and Ryan gets caught fucking a llama. they’re the heads of the GOPe crime family.” – MJA

    There’s our target.

  40. At the end of the day, actually on the Last Day, Doug Jones will pay for his sin of supporting murder by abortion. God is just and He will not be mocked. So, it all works out in the end.

  41. We learned in CO in 2010 there is a reason that politically inexperienced candidates might seem appealing but can carry a lot of baggage. Bannon just demonstrated that again. Roy Moore was not a good candidate. The Hannity interview, his lawyer is a Jew comment and other things he and his wife said were just cringeworthy.
    I do wish Trump had just stayed out of it. I don’t think he helped Moore at all and in fact may have drawn out more Trump haters to vote Jones. He should have just taken the high road and said my guy was Strange. Let it play out. McConnell just needs to stay out too. Strange might have won the primary without the McConnell push and this would have been a cake walk. He hasn’t been a name coming up that is being a Trump obstructionist.

  42. In a related story, democrats are amazingly adept at finding 20 or 30,000 needed votes in such unlikely places as the trunk of someone’s car…’s their gift to the world.

  43. Exactly, CC.
    It’s a shame so many on the Right are SO EAGER to EAT THEIR OWN
    (blame Bannon! blame Trump!).
    Such self-destructiveness only helps the Dems/GOPe.

  44. We need to consider not just the ballots that appeared out of no-where, but also the ballots that were disappeared.
    Until we clean house on the county elections officials and volunteers we will continue to see the same failing results.
    Wipe the voting registration books clean, re-register everyone, force them to show ID, compare the applications with lists of felons.
    College students should also be required to show proof that they are paying In-State Tuition levels.
    We have all the technology in the world to pool the databases so that a person applying in one place would automatically remove any registration anywhere else. “Progressive” indeed. They literally tie our hands behind our backs and prevent us from moving forward because they know they wouldn’t win an honest election otherwise (except in the already known pits-of-hell cities where the walking braindead rule).

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