As The Media Scorched Trump For Trans Ban, They Ignored A Massive Islamic Anti-LGBT Terror Plot In San Francisco

Daily Caller: As the mainstream media fell into hysterics last week over President Trump’s transgender ban in the military, they completely ignored a massive Islamic anti-gay terror plot on American soil.

On the evening of Monday, July 24, ABC7 News, a local news affiliate in the San Francisco/Oakland, California area broke news that a massive ISIS-inspired anti-gay terror plot was being planned in San Francisco by a man named Amer Sinan Alhaggagi.

Alhaggagi was arrested last year on identity theft charges. But he has now been indicted in another case, once based off of what he told FBI informants beginning in the summer of 2016. During this time, he expressed sympathy towards ISIS, and wanted to carry out a mass murder terror attack that would kill 10,000 people. He specifically mentioned wanting to target the LGBT population.  read more

10 Comments on As The Media Scorched Trump For Trans Ban, They Ignored A Massive Islamic Anti-LGBT Terror Plot In San Francisco

  1. ‘I’m going to place a bomb in a gay club, Wallah or by God, I’m going to tear up the city.’ And I quote, ‘The whole Bay Area is going to be up in flames,’”

    I think he’s a little late to that party.

  2. I’m going to handle them right, LOL,’ meaning laughing out loud.

    I’m glad ABC7 cleared that up. I always appreciate it when a reporter tells us the meaning of an unfamiliar acronym.

  3. How *dare* you suggest it was anti-gay!
    It was merely muslims exercising their constitutional rights to follow their religion peacefully.
    Nothing to see here….as long as you believe the MSM….

  4. Even that would not get the gays and lesbians to open their minds concerning the muslim threat. They are for muslims because the right is against the muslims.

  5. I do Believe The Fags Would Freak out, and Want Islam Far Away !
    They Get Very Unhappy When Backstabbed By People They’ve Helped.

  6. Sadly, the only way to get the crazy liberal gays and the crazy liberal liberals to reject Islam is for something like this to happen.

    Otherwise, they will continue to bow and submit to this unholy religion hell-bent on destroying them. –Well, shoulda listened to Trump and supported his travel ban.

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