As the morale plummets in Seattle, the city should be prepared for a mass exodus of officers


SEATTLE, WA– Sources tell Law Enforcement Today that Seattle is gearing up for a mass exodus of police officers.

Carmen Best was the first black woman to lead the Seattle Police Department, and was appointed as the city’s police chief back in July 2018. On Tuesday morning, August 11th, Chief Best announced her retirement.

At the time of her announcement, Best had served 28 years with the Seattle Police Department, rising through the ranks. Her retirement comes the day after the Seattle City Council approved slashing $3 million from the SPD, which includes a loss of 100 officers through a combination of layoffs and attrition. 

During her press conference, she was very candid as she explained that she could not bring herself to carry out the layoffs. In the conference, she read a letter written to her from a new black officer.

She said:

“He is one of the people that will probably not keep a job here and that for me…I’m done. Can’t do it.”

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  1. I had a conversation with the Deputy Chief of a larger suburban agency. He was interviewing two Seattle officers today. They are going to be left in Seattle with officers nobody else wants. It is going to be impossible for the City of Seattle to ever recover from this.

  2. Seattle may revert to an old west lawless town, Tombstone Arizona. It will be everyman for himself then, good luck and make the first shot count.

  3. The Seattle city council is going to find itself without a city, just a bunch of bums, junkies, and criminals.

  4. Seattle – like all other badly-run, progressive cities – is too big to fail. It will be bailed out either by Congress or the FED as necessary as the years unfold. But it won’t be a place you’d want to live or visit probably for a very long time (which it was doing before COVID+RIOTS). I doubt I’ll live to see it.

  5. Back in the day Auburn, a city 10 miles or so south of Seattle, used to advertise itself as The Little Detroit of the West in new car ads that ran on television and radio.

    Seattle is going to experience what capital flight looks like first hand. If there were not many good and decent people living in Seattle watching this go down would be a laugh riot.

  6. Aaaaaaannnnnnd when the good people leave, the Brownshirts take over. This is by design. This how the Communists transfer and assume power!

  7. Once you’re east of the Cascades and into the Sinlahekin Valley its all Republican and fruit orchards and irrigation north of Wenatchee.

    Cherries are the real cash crop. The orchards have automatically controlled nets that will extend over the orchards if the threat of hail appears – that’s their enemy.

    Buzz worms (rattlesnakes) and peaches right on the British Columbia boarder.

    Kokanee Salmon, Kamloops Rainbows and Brookies on a scud pattern, a Carrie Stevens Special fly or a Dave’s Crawfish from a float tube!

    Life was good were it not for the Japanese apple industry beating up on the American market.

    Everything is so political these daze ….

  8. Best is concerned about morale and the union is concerned about itself. They both miss the point: Society requires security, civility and calm. The people responsible for those fundamentals – starting with the Mayor and Council – do not understand that as their primary focus. The people os Seattle apparently do not understand that either. Yet.

  9. If one percent of the population of Seattle started hunting down, following home, and killing Antifa, this would be over in a week.

  10. That article says Seattle is fucked. I can’t imagine what else they expected electing communists to their City Council.

    And the mayor is equally responsible. She could have nipped this Day 1, maintained police morale, saved 100 of businesses from being destroyed, no CHOP… Now? Those businesses aren’t coming back. Those millions in tax revenues are gone. Tourists? WhoTF would come there now? More millions gone.

    Why bother BB killing Antifa, when your leaders will throw you in prison for not wearing a mask? If some one wants to start that level of violence, there’s a much better place to direct it. Buy why still is the question. These politicians were elected, this is what Seattle voted for.

  11. I’m convinced this police chief gained her position solely on merit {snicker} She looks like a little girl wearing her daddy’s uniform. But then this is Seattle what would you expect.

  12. …I notice her only expressed concern is for skinmates, guess she’d be good with it if she could fire only WHITE cops…

    …somtimes they CAN, too, and get an entire police force that “looks like the community”.

    …and it ends up like this…

    “LINCOLN HEIGHTS, Ohio – Police are tasked with protecting the public from crime. But the I-Team discovered some of the convicted criminals in Lincoln Heights are the ones wearing a uniform and badge.”

    …as usual, when they can’t get enough diversity hires when they have some standards, they simply remove the standards for diverity hires.

    Cincinnati once wanted a Black police chief so bad they didn’t even insist he be a police officer. So they got a diversity hire from Detroit who REFUSED to become an ACTUAL Ohio peace officer because, racism, continued to DRESS like a police officer illegally, then went back to Detroit after poisoning morale for a couple of years.

    So they just did another national search for a Black face, this time at least an ACTUAL cop, but this one does the Black Power fist and kneels with BLM, so, yay…

    …yup, diversity sure is grand, can’t wait for the genocide to follow…

  13. Check out Seattle’s city council. All stupid obtuse white people with a kshama sawant and and a couple of quasi Latinos thrown in. Stew in your own shit, Seattle.
    Is that an injun on the city seal?

  14. When your politicians want to replace the cops with “trauma-informed, gender-affirming, anti-racist praxis” people you know you’re fucked

  15. TRF – – You are correct sir! The replacement will be someone trained in Alinsky tactics and will help to continue Seattle’s transformation into a third world hell-hole.

  16. Blame this mess squarely on all the teachers who’ve been indoctrinating their students to hate America. Look at the kind of voters they’ve produced.


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