As Trump Extends Emergency at Border, Here’s Why Arrests of Migrants Are Dropping

Daily Signal: While President Donald Trump extends his declaration of a national emergency to use Defense Department money to build the southern border wall, illegal immigration in January dropped by almost three-quarters from the peak of the border crisis last May.

Enforcement actions also decreased by 10% in January compared with December, according to numbers released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials. 

The enforcement actions included 29,200 arrests and 7,479 “inadmissibility decisions”—meaning migrants’ asylum claims were adjudicated and they were sent back to their home country.  

In a message to Congress on Thursday—almost a year since the president declared a national emergency at the border—Trump said he would extend that declaration beyond February.  read more

7 Comments on As Trump Extends Emergency at Border, Here’s Why Arrests of Migrants Are Dropping

  1. Still missing? Trebuchets. I’ll take it for now. Great job.
    Walls keep invaders out. Trebuchets send previously successful invaders back.

  2. E-Verify will send successful invaders back too – even if they can get here they still need to make money, and there isn’t enough drug trade (also cut thanks to the wall) to handle more workers.

  3. The current state of low(er) fence jumpers means that BP has been able to put more resources on previously unguarded and unfenced areas as well as looking for and eliminating tunnels.

    Not tired of winning on the southern border. Now, they need to step up deportations, and with POTUS Trump going after so-called sanctuary cities/counties, it looks like ICE is putting more resources on that, too. Or so I read at Gateway Pundit today.

  4. LCD
    Continuing our former conversation about EVerify. I spoke to the wife about what curtailed that program. She say they shut down the web site. It’s back up now. Who knows?

  5. @Brad – seems like an EO would be in order, it’s just part of immigration control.
    I haven’t had any direct contact with it since that job ended in 2012. I have provided my passport a couple of times for jobs – the I-9 is still mandatory. Ultimately I am far less concerned with the guy who crosses the border than the otherwise legitimate businessman who employs him – if the employer gets large enough fines and even criminal charges then everyone will take notice and the response will be fast.

  6. LCD
    I also heard on the news today California is hiring 450 poll workers. Qualifications, speak Spanish, Chinese, Somalian, and a couple others I can’t remember. Boy are we screwed. Again.


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