Asian Guy Fed Up With Hate Leveled at Him, Levels Black Man Yelling at Him to Go Back to China

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  1. Notice it as a single Asian guy? Had the races been reversed we all know what would of have happened

  2. Brought to you thanks to the A$$ ho1es Running things blindly from Washington. It’s not going to end well for America is it Biden??

  3. Live by the sucker-punch, die by the sucker-punch.

    I guess you would say that loudmouth got black-beared?

  4. Piece of shit has a socialist hellhole flag on his bike too!
    He should go live there for a few decades.

    And now white people are going to be accused of a Hate crime…

  5. Feel good story of the day.

    I would have preferred a Bruce Lee styled round house kick to the head with the resultant knock out, but this was good too.

  6. …is it just me, or are Asians pretty wild in their punching in these things? Seems like he’s hitting the guy as much with his arm as with his fist, so hes lucky he didnt hurt himself and that the Black guy was a lightweight pansy…

  7. @rich taylor

    That would be a tough but beautiful kick to watch.

    How about a low fast power kick, for us older folks, to the side of the knee on the straight supporting leg holding all the fat asses weight?
    He isn’t getting up after that and plenty of time to put 3 or 4 punches to his face as he in clutching his knee on the ground.

  8. @Heretic, he didn’t deserve serious injury, it was only words, forchrissakes. But he was knocked off his bike and got his bell rung, an effective and measured response.

  9. That’s an anomaly, “Racist Black Guy”.
    For decades I’ve been told blacks can’t be racists.

    Next I’ll find out Democrats are Marxists/Socialists, propagandists and not for the middle class.

    Weird times in the U.S.

  10. Heretic, I’m not a street-fightin’ man, and I’m pretty sure if I had had enough like that asian guy, I’d be flailing a little bit in my attack, but what I lacked in form would be made up in intensity. I probably would have beaten the jerk with his stolen bicycle and kicked in the spokes for good measure.

  11. @Kcir, the beauty of all of this is that it was captured on video and decimated world wide so that all of his friends can see what a pussy he is, bitch-slapped by a guy half his size.

    Next time he decides to go to the public square and demonstrate what a racist he is, he should bring some muscle to handle those scrappy 100 pound Asian guys.

  12. One of my son’s worked with a bunch of Asian’s when he first graduated from high school. He made some long lasting bonds with those folks. One night he and a buddy were out bar hopping and they were jumped by 6 black guys demanding money. All of a sudden 6 of those Asian friends of his came out of nowhere and started kicking some thug ass. Feet and fists were flying. It was three Black guys bleeding on the pavement and three running away like little bitches in 30 seconds flat. My son said it was like a Jackie Chan movie w/o sub titles.

  13. I’m not Asian, but I’m certain that I would have handed-out a beating just on principles.

  14. “Notice it as a single Asian guy? Had the races been reversed we all know what would of have happened”

    Yes, three black guys suckerpunching him.

  15. Feel good story, while we’re on the topic. I just got back from errands, one of which was the hell known as the local post office. In line in front of me was a large black gentleman who was politely trying to have his package tracked down for him…it was already supposed to have arrived but nobody seemed to be able to locate it. Anyway, we got outside at the same time and stood talking for about five minutes about how local service hsd really been going downhill while the costs have been going up astoundingly. It was a good chat. He called me bro a few times though we’d never met before, then I observed how he bore a striking resemblance to Rosey Grier. He laughed and said he got that a lot. We shook hands, said so long, and went on our way. That made for a good morning.

    Also, neither of us wore masks.

  16. Imagine if it had been an Asian or white guy screaming for all the blacks to go back to Africa; the MSM would playing THAT clip non-stop and there would be protests and riots.

  17. Not enough.

    He needed to wake up next week and have to be shown this video to see the just deserts he received.

  18. I got a better idea; why don’t you go back to Africa? Get a job, work hard, teach your kids how to excel in school and society, like the Chinese do here in America? Oh, that’s right, Africa doesn’t have welfare. My bad.

  19. If a white person did this, he’d get arrested. Asians have the privilege of being able to punch racist black assholes in the mouth like they deserve.

  20. @ mickey moussaoui JULY 27, 2021 AT 10:34 AM

    I have posted this in the past.

    I sold a pup to a guy who never finished paying for it. I never let the registration application go until the pup was fully paid for though.

    One guy was a flaming asshole about my requesting that he finish paying for the dog. He had sunk abut $10K into training for the dog, but wouldn’t finish paying what he owed me for it.

    I took the AKC registration application to the pool hall where the Asian guys who live on atomic coffee and nuclear cigarettes hung out and signed the dog over to the head guy. I said it’s your dog now, all you need to do is go get it.

    The assclown that owed me for the dog somehow found the cash to purchase the dog from it’s legal owner who showed up with the registration paperwork in hand.

    I wouldn’t screw with those Asian tough guys, they are meaner than rat shit. None of hem are very big, but they are definitely scrappy.

  21. There appears to be some confusion, one man was exercising his right to swing his fist and the bicycle rider backed into his path.

  22. I don’t blame him. Because retarded bike dude is like a siren for other retards to come join in on the harassment. It was good enough to get him to shut the fuck up and walk away.

  23. I wonder how many arrests would have been made if someone was shouting “All blacks need to go back to Africa!”?

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