ASININE- Learning about Cotton in School Is Racist


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  1. Go plant some tobacco, too.
    Some blacks love to bring up slavery every chance they get, but don’t want to learn about it.
    Blacks aren’t the only ones who picked crops back in slavery days. People in debt did it, widows did it, and so did their children.

    You don’t have to forget, but GET OVER IT!

  2. West Point just graduated 34 black women this year. The most ever, and more next year, and every year after. I imagine those grey cadet uniforms are living on borrowed time, especially if they’re made of cotton. Once these Affirmative Action Officers are ensconced in their desk jobs, the Army is going to be having a lot of “discussions” about the things black women like to talk about, in that special way they like to talk about them…

    “The agenda for tomorrow’s meeting was pre-established a month ago.”

    No, it was established a month ago. But why just use a plain word, when a prefix and a hyphen will make it sound smarter?

  3. But forcing kids on a field trip to a mosque to learn how to worship a pedophile while kneeling on a prayer rug is perfectly “OK”.

  4. Fukkin morons just don’t get it.
    If EVERYTHING is ray-cyst then NOTHING is ray-cyst!

    Argumentum ad nauseam.

    Same principle as inoculation – after a while such foolishness just passes as background noise. The nihilists seem to think this mobilizes the negroes – but I’m fairly certain (without evidence) that thoughtful negroes get tired of it, too.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. After they pick cotton, let them run Google for a day working side by side with people who don’t know what work is.

  6. The last time this absolute idiocy went around, I went to our local Hobby Lobby store to buy a cotton boll display. They were almost out! I asked the clerk if people had bought them in response to the idiocy. She said “YES! – you should have heard what people were saying! We have only a few left!”. I guess I’m going to have to pay Hobby Lobby another visit soon…

  7. Thirdtwin! “pre-established”

    You get an A+! Hahahahaha

    I cringed when I saw that. No wonder children can’t write properly; even the educators are ignorant!

  8. It’s not ‘asinine’ – it’s about brainwashong. The only thing asinine is our tolerating it via the GOP floxes we elect to congress.

  9. It’s not racist it’s just another step in the race industry’s reinforcement of white guilt over something that happened hundreds of years before they were born and that they had nothing to do with but will be expected to pay and keep paying for it until the day they die and their children and their children’s children also get to pay and pay and pay… all kinds of different ways.

  10. Well, in the famous words of Eli Whitney: “Just keep your cotton-pickin’ hands off my gin!”


  11. Probably the closest some of the lazy little bastards will ever get to doing any work.


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