Asinine Leftist Claim- Trump Using Presidency To Line His Pockets

The president has lost $400,000,000 in wealth since his service to our country began. If Trump’s plan, as the lefties claim, was to exploit the oval office to get even richer, he’s not succeeding.

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  1. Whatever worldly wealth POTUS Trump has “lost” in his service to us, every penny has been an investment in his eternal life, which cannot, nor should it be, measured. However, like everything else he succeeds at, it seems he is giving the camels (the Left) a lesson in threading the needle.

  2. Just because they knew obama was doing so, with the help of congress, they think President Trump is doing so.

    No, that’s not It. The evil, maniacal, insane demon-ocRATS have to have a talking point to counter the FACTS, as provided by Forbes.

  3. is it just me or does anyone else think that all the criticism of DJT is coming from an alternate reality that the criticizers live in ?

    Trump using the office for personal gain, really, with not a shred of proof ?

    and not one criticism of hillary and the global foundation fraud, with all the proof that has been leaked out already ?

    an actual scandal right in front of them but all they can do is make stuff up about trump.

    forget about obama ever being criticized for his shenanigans.

    over 90% of “news” stories are critical of Trump but over 90% of news articles during obama’s run were all positive.

    imagine that.

  4. @bill — And not only that but I’m guessing that about 90% of the critical Trump stories are also false or at least misleading.

  5. They make similar claims against our Florida Governor Rick Scott who takes $1 a month salary and uses his own plane.

  6. Madam President Clinton would be up at least half a billion at this point in her monetized Presidency. Not that we’d know it, of course. I hope she’s going to be bled dry by lawyers before the end of Trump’s first term.

  7. Projection indeed. How many time per week do the democrats blame republicans for the very crimes the democrats are committing? If dems are worried about getting rich in office, perhaps they should focus on Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, Waters, and Sanders.

  8. And he gives away his every paycheck from the job!

    WHY, at this rate – he’ll be a ZILLIONAIRE in NO time! 🙄

  9. Come on now, the shrub can’t criticize family! being part of an identical set of Siamese Quadruplets including BJ Billy, Obungles, and Hillary he has his royal bloodlines to think about!

  10. “Asinine Leftist Claim- Trump Using Presidency To Line His Pockets”

    Did someone tell them that he donates his paycheck to charity?


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