Asinine Yahoo Article About the McCloskeys

The St. Louis couple who protected their property against trespassing BLM thugs once smashed a beehive and made children cry!!!!

Oh my!!!

That must mean the BLM thugs were righteous!!!

Assholish story HERE

12 Comments on Asinine Yahoo Article About the McCloskeys

  1. Wonder where this story would be now had they opened fire.

    Ps-I won’t give Yoo-hoo the support of opening that link.

  2. The McCluskeys may or may not be good and decent people but all people good, bad or ugly, have the same right to defend themselves and their homes and property from dangerous intruders.

  3. I’ve become more impressed with Yahoo commenters. They used to be a bunch of woke pussies, but lately it’s become difficult to find someone defending the lawless left in the comments section. The authors on the other hand are all left bias know nothing assholes.

  4. The bee hives belonged to a Hebrew School, so I guess that makes the McCluskey’s antis-Semitic too, right? But wouldn’t that align them with the BLM movement? It’s getting hard to keep all this “Woke” shit straight.

  5. I’m not going to feel sorry for the McCloskeys who have lived parasitic lives in the “law” industry and have advocated for progressive causes. This is just their karma coming back on them. Maybe I’ll care if they have an awakening and sincerely repent of their ways.

  6. First, I support their right to protect themselves and their property.
    Second, according to the “news” article, the McCloskeys are now claiming that they support BLM and that the BLM is the right message. Neither side must have known what was going on that day.
    Third, standard cancel culture, dig into the past, and find anything that might be spun as evil on them. Which is what I would expect from Yahoo. Really surprised that CNN / CBS / NBS / MSNBC didn’t find and report on these “facts” first.

  7. I’m wondering if the McCloskeys will donate to the democrats who tacitly sat back and watched BLM control the narrative? Somehow, I think they will more than likely move from what they lovingly referred to as their project of love home.


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