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Ask A College Kid About Thanksgiving

Young adults are suppose to be learning and becoming smarter when they commit to a college education. Go to just about any campus in this country and ask them why they get Thursday and Friday off to eat Turkey and be with their family and you’ll be left shaking your head. Watch

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  1. “IDIOCRACY” lives. Prophetic movie. Just look at congress

    I wish someone would define ‘racist’. The word has morphed into the singular catch all vindictive word by the mindless NPC bots.

    It amazes me how many ignorant ‘college’ idiots proudly stand spout their script and struggle to say anything beyond their college gulag’s brainwashing.

    These college interviews remind my favorite anti-communism movie, “INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. Aren’t there any ‘non-pod’ students on campus? Maybe they’ve been conditioned to pretend compliance, in order to keep the pod-people mob focused elsewhere.


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