Ask A Lib To Defend Infanticide And This Is What You’ll Get

Last night, Tucker Carlson interviewed Monica Klein, a founding partner at Seneca Strategies.

The topic was the recent observation by Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, that under a bill presented recently an unwanted child could be allowed to die after being born.

The guest  threw everything she could at Tucker, other than an honest answering of the question posed. More

44 Comments on Ask A Lib To Defend Infanticide And This Is What You’ll Get

  1. Ask a lib to “define” infanticide. If Google suppresses a word, it doesn’t exist.
    However, they’re perfectly a.o.k. making up genders that do not biology exist.

  2. She says she opposes ‘controlling a woman’s body.’ He is asking her about taking the life of a delivered baby, that is out of the birth canal. The baby is no longer ‘part of the woman’s body.’ That is why she won’t answer. It is plainly infanticide which is murder. That won’t be allowed in their conversation. Once it is accepted, then the conversation begins to walk back the time when it is acceptable. They don’t want that talked about at all.

  3. Just keep blathering until the clock runs out. Why did she even go on the show? Nothing more annoying than these pro-abortion/infanticide prog women.

  4. At the end, Carlson said something about having a conversation. Tucker did made a heroic attempt to have a conversation, but Klein refused.

    But this is what pols and flacks such as her are trained to do: never to engage in a conversational exchange but instead to say whatever you think will promote your agenda, at most parroting a word or phrase from your adversary. And “adversary” is the right word: it is emphasized over and over to such people that those attempting to interview you are the enemy. Even if they aren’t, that’s how they’re to be treated.

  5. Murder is murder. Libs worry about felons getting the death penalty but couldn’t give a shit about killing a baby.
    We cannot let them have power again. Hear that Rhinos…
    Build the freaking Wall and Trump will be reelected.

  6. Progressives don’t recognize cognitive dissonance as a flaw for a reason.

    My inclination is that they are aware that quite a few of those who have had abortions who like to think of themself as a good and decent person simply must avoid the obvious and so that makes it imperative that it not even be discussed.

  7. Someone needs to RALPH all over Va. Governor Ralph Northam. Or hold a great big barfarama in his honor and puke all over this worthless SOB. Calling David Hogan AKA Lardass, Mr. Creosote, the kids from The Sandlot etc., where are you when we need you the most, chow down and barf away on this pathetic excuse for a governor, he deserves it big time.

  8. The baby is born and sitting comfortably waiting for you and your ‘doctor’ to decide if you want it or not. How is that affecting your body?! Such a disgusting human being to argue such a chiche load of crap.

  9. Conservative: “Oh what a treasure!”
    DemocRAT: “Yea, lets bury it.”

    And God says, “all who hate me love death”. Proverbs 8.36

  10. I watched this last night and cringed as she REFUSED to answer a rather simple question.

    Tucker can be hard on guests, but only if they won’t or can’t answer a straightforward question. He wasn’t unkind to this person, as I think he judged her as too far gone down the idiot hole.

  11. You can really tell a “woman” who can’t get a date and has a personality so obtuse as to even attract one….sooo tends to hate men and families and anything that shows that a woman is “MORE” than she is,… probably will be a lonely old lez….

  12. this is particularly disgusting to me, because I know what kind of eugenic mindset they’re after, and aiming for elimination of “defective” babies.

    And we had a “defective” baby.

    When we were a young couple, we were told to expect a blessed bundle in the usual way, and the usual time. We were happy about it and set about doing what young marrieds do with this…quit smoking, prenatal vitamins, ultrasounds, obstetrical visits, blood tests, etc., and EVERYONE told us it was going GREAT, no problems to be found.

    …come the big day, after hours of labor, our new son came into this world, and breathed his first breath.

    Through a totally unexpected cleft lip and palate.

    Words cannot describe what that already twitchy Dad and medicated Mom were going through and having difficulty processing. Having just had the most life-changing experience people can have, then suddenly finding out there’s a very…obvious…problem. Half-remembered horror stories about what a cleft could signify were quickly augmented by an increasing number of doctors’ dire warnings.

    It COULD mean brain damage. It COULD mean he’s deaf. He COULD be blind. He may never talk, walk, be a whole human being.

    A lot for new parents with their first child to take in.

    We prayed and held each other, and resolved to make his life as wonderful as we possibly could, doing whatever needed to be done, and spend our own life blood to give him all the medical and emotional help we possibly could.

    There was a lot going on. We had to learn to feed him (cleft babies can’t suckle), care for his deformity, see him through THREE surgeries before he was ONE year old, care for his wounds, keep an increasingly rambunctious and inquisitive young man from pulling out his stiches, while trying to do NORMAL baby things like learn how to crawl, walk, talk, eat solid foods, understand, and avoid, while watching for signs of disaster like retardation, infection, inability to thive, a myriad of potential physical and mental problems.

    By the blessing of God, there were none.

    He learned with other children,kept up with his cohort, exceeded them in some things, took subsequent surgeries that disrupted his young life in stride, and made us feel proud and blessed to have been gifted with him.

    Today, that young man is planning to get his first college degree this year. He is 19.

    Now, imagine if circumstances had been more modern. If, instead of a couple, it had been a single mom.

    Instead of having the Lord to lean on, she believed in nothing but the State.

    If this post-partum abortion thing was on the table.

    Do you think the outcome could have been different? Would doctors, insurance companies, state “health care” workers have pushed an already-traumatized, drug-addled young lady into letting them murder her less-than-perfect child because it was more convenient and less expensive for THEM?

    Would they just take the eugenic approach and assumed that ONE defect was enough to kill for?

    My son works hard, learns well, blesses everyone who knows him, and has repaid us well for all the heart aches and sleepless nights in prayer many times over just by being who he is. He has the love of a good young woman, too, who he just may marry when he gets the learning done.

    And it sickens me that some Government will make it possible for some bastard to talk the next young mother into killing the next one like him, because he’s born ugly, inconvenient, and expensive.

    When all the ugly is REALLY in the howling void where they once had a soul.

    I’m sorry, but polite words will not suffice to express my unmixed feelings for them.

    Fuck those people. There is no punishment in the foulest depths of Hell that is adequate to their affront to God and abuse of His children. They are a pox on this world that we WILL need to forcibly remove.

    And the day we do so cannot come soon enough.

    Only God can give them full measure of His righteous wrath that they have so justly earned.

    But WE can speed the day that they stand before His judgement.

    Just saying.

  13. “Sexual predator, Kavanaugh”…. WHY can’t she be sued for saying that on TV? That is outrageous slander on TV.

  14. My youngest daughter who is now 30 was born with a deformity that caused her skull not to be fused like it normally should to allow for expansion of her brain as she grew. At the age of 3 or so she had brain surgery to manipulate her skull so that everything would properly fit inside her skull. The surgery was a success, she has always worn glasses and was not very talkative at first until she was about 4 or 5 after undergoing speech therapy and hasn’t quit talking since. Having said that my daughter was the most normal and blessed of my 3 children. She has more compassion than anyone I know which is why she is a preschool teacher because of her love for little kids. We named her Caitlin, Caity for short before Bwuce Jenner bastardized the name Caitlin but she’s totally OK with her name. I can’t imagine my life without her or her older brother and sister, she has been a huge blessing to all of us and she is the world’s biggest Boston Red Sox and Dr. Who fan. No one can tell me ever that she was not wanted or expendable because she’s a living miracle.

  15. they dont care if we think its abhorrent, vile and against humanity, they are deceived. They have a reprobate mind. Want to read what St. Paul had to say?

    The phrase “reprobate mind” is found in Romans 1:28 in reference to those whom God has rejected as godless and wicked. They “suppress the truth by their wickedness,” and it is upon these people that the wrath of God rests (Romans 1:18). The Greek word translated “reprobate” in the New Testament is adokimos, which means literally “unapproved, that is, rejected; by implication, worthless (literally or morally).”

  16. Mother Teresa courageously speaks—in front of pro-abortion Clinton and Gore—about the unborn and about abortion: “But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself.” She spoke also of contraception: “The way to plan the family is natural family planning, not contraception.” February 3, 1994

  17. Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam did not get $2 million from Planned Parenthood for his campaign. He actually got $3 million!! Sold his soul, now on his way to join Satan in the lake of fire.

  18. One of my brothers was born partially blind in his right eye.
    He was also unresponsive for the first few hours of his birth.

    I wonder if he had been born today if the doctors would’ve encouraged my mom to kill him?
    (She would have told them them to shove it of course but the horrific reality still stands.)

    Do all defects, even small ones, mean the possibility of death for newborns?
    God save us if people begin to participate in this vile sin and treat it as though it’s normal.

  19. Fucking progs have as long and sordid a history of targeting the defenseless as they do of attempting to defend the indefensible. Nothing new here folks.

    Their worldview is pure unadulterated filth.

  20. I have been to the supermarket, walked among the isles, and I have thought some more-

    “She says she opposes ‘controlling a woman’s body.’
    I say that a baby, having been delivered, and breathing on its own (and ‘comfortable’ if they so choose?), is no longer a part of a ‘woman’s body.’ That argument is over, it was absolutely done when the umbilical chord was cut. The viability of the baby that is being ‘discussed,’ and the fate of the baby is being determined. And if such a discussion is to be acceptable in our society, I predict that the day will surely come when the doctor, or government healthcare provider (ala pocohontus warren or aoc) will step forward at the mother’s wish to ‘keep’ the baby, and nullify that, claiming that it is their baby now and they have determined otherwise.
    This ain’t bass fishing, and you can’t throw them back.
    This turns a slope into a cliff, and it leads to the pits of hell.

  21. They want to be like China, where a child is murdered in the womb just because it is the “wrong” sex, or is “one too many”. They don’t use the excuse of “woman’s health”. They just say they shouldn’t exist because they are not within the “family plan”.
    Does she realize that if she had been conceived in China she would have been euthanized at birth, just for being female?

  22. …thank God for your daughter, @geoff the aardvark, and bless you for seeing her through that. A trip to a childrens’ hospital will teach you humility in a hurry, and it takes a measure of doing just to trust another man to gas your child, cut her open, and rearrage her anatomy.

    I know it well…

  23. …and thank you for your kind words, @F4UCorsair, but to God be the glory, He did the heavy lifting for us and we couldn’t have done it without Him…


    Then the left can distract from being the party of death, and flip the narrative to the Republicans as being the party of death.

    They will have to bang the drum somehow, they are looking bad right now.

  25. If ‘medicare for all’ comes to be, a decision based on such ‘discussions’ will be dismissed as just a ‘business decision.’ They’ll make an algorithm for it and say it is ‘fair.’
    And the ‘parts’ business will boom.

  26. Beware: the left is creating a new narrative for the next election. This is the beginning of “The Republicans are trying to get rid of Roe v. Wade and tell women what to do with their bodies.” And when that is challenged then they move the goal posts back and talk about the border and dead children.

    Satan your kingdom must come down.

  27. Supernightshade,

    I share your outrage. However, you wrote…

    “There is no punishment in the foulest depths of Hell that is adequate to their affront to God and abuse of His children.”

    Be very careful there, you’re speaking rashly. You just said, perhaps without meaning to, that the final condemnation in the Lake of Fire isn’t adequate. Be advised that God is not mocked and His judgment does not sleep. He is going to give to every one who despises Christ EXACTLY what each one’s wickedness deserves, as only He can do: with a perfection beyond any we could hope to wish upon the wicked who plague the world.

    And that judgment will be as final and eternal as it is perfect. There will be no escape, no purgatory, no reprieve, no parole. Don’t know about you but I take solace in that. Why? Because God says it’s justice and I’m not about to argue with Him.

    Yes, it’s tough to do at times like this when the wicked appear to prosper but rest assured that, lest they repent, they ARE treasuring up wrath for themselves. That is a fact from God Himself. Believe it and rest in it. The Day of the wicked’s payment is coming.

  28. …you are correct of course, @grool, but it is difficult for human imagination to embrace a punishment that reprobate minds like this deserve. If they caused ONE death of ONE infant by dismemberment the torments of Hell would be justified, but they have caused THOUSANDS, and it’s a good thing that I am NOT their judge because I can’t even THINK of a punishment harsh enough to fit that crime.

    I am properly chastised here, though. I do trust the Lord to deal with those who do so much wrong, and I do KNOW that his punishment will be just. It’s just that I am also human, and do chafe at seeing swine prosper and live long, full lives that are only enhanced on the mortal plane by their murderous course.

    Some of my life experiences have made me particularly sensitive to the preciousness of young lives. As a medic, I have held children with life-threatening deficits, been at scenes where mothers holding their babies in cars with the best of intentions killed them with their own bodies during an auto accident instead, premature infants in respiratory crisis fighting for life, worked with abuse victims from 4 months to 14 years old, and, on a personal level, held my own son in an induction room while he was anesthetized. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s whereby the hospital allows parents to hold very young children and infants while the anesthesia process is started, so the child does not become frightened by strangers doing strange things to them that they cannot understand and they have the comfort of a loving parent’s arms right up until they lose consciousness. Let me tell you, it is a heart wrenching experience to cuddle your baby as the anesthesia takes hold, and have him go COMPLETELY limp in your arms, and KNOW he’s going to die if you don’t gently and immediately lay him on the table for intubation, and have to turn and walk away, trusting a roomful of masked and gowned strangers to preserve the life that has become so precious to you in such a short time. The first time I did this was over 18 years ago, and I am still tearing up as I write this just thinking about it.

    And there are people who will not only throw little lives like THAT away like so much garbage…but they will try to talk OTHERS into doing so.

    And if left unchecked, may FORCE others to do so.

    We do need to wait upon the Lord…but it’s sometimes hard to do so.

    Thank you for your words.

  29. Good post! You nailed the essence here:

    “…but it is difficult for human imagination to embrace a punishment that reprobate minds like this deserve.”

    Exactly, we can’t. That’s His job. But nor can we begin to understand the enormity and true awfulness of sin from the pure viewpoint of a holy God. We just can’t.

    So at this point I must state another Bible fact, in the interest of sharing the whole counsel of God: we all deserve that exact same eternal punishment because of our sin (not sins, SIN) even though almost all of us abhor infanticide. It is a sad fact that there will be morally upright and “good” people right alongside unrepentant child-murderers in the Lake of Fire, because both will have neglected or refused simple faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ for their sins.

    Put another way: opposing the devilish sin of child murder is absolutely the right thing to do…but no amount of good work like that can get ANY of us into Heaven. If our own sin debt to God is not erased and buried in the death of Christ, we are just as damned as Gosnell.

    In short, waking up to find oneself awaiting the Lake of Fire will be bad enough, but having it come as a surprise when one expected Heaven is going to be far worse.

    Many, many people are going to wake up surprised.


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