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Ask the Woman Being Stabbed if the Cop Should Have Shot the Guy in the Leg

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  1. …pretty amazing that the cop dumped his mag into the guy at point blank and he could still HOLD a knife, tho…

  2. Thirteen rounds and you still have to demand he drop his knife? Somebody needs more time on the range.

  3. Guy has a white t shirt on and I don’t see any wounds or blood. At a minimum he shouldn’t he be leaking a little?

  4. Wild Bill
    MARCH 16, 2023 AT 10:31 PM
    “Guy has a white t shirt on and I don’t see any wounds or blood. At a minimum he shouldn’t he be leaking a little?”

    …take his heart on the first few and you take the blood pressure, you’d be surprised how little bleeding you get from even catastrophic wounds when the heart is out of the picture.

    …that said, its tough to grasp a knife and point it at people if your heart’s blown out. Maybe the cop is just a terrible shot. Or maybe he was flinching at the thought of how his life and family will be ruined once the media makes him the next Rayciss White Cop totem over shooting a Black man, facts be damned, they’ve got a narrative to sell…

  5. After the mag dump and reload, I was hoping he would resume the shooting.

    He wasn’t too bad of a shot; he managed to miss the guy walking on the sidewalk who was oblivious to the shooting.

  6. Dr. Hambone
    MARCH 16, 2023 AT 10:45 PM
    “.45 ACP would have produced different results.”

    An AR F15 would, no joke, blow his lungs clean out

  7. Tony R
    MARCH 16, 2023 AT 10:48 PM
    “I thought uncle Joe said a 9mm would “blow your lungs out”?”

    C’mon man! I know what I sed! I sed trunkhtfg…eh… vat…you know, the thing!

  8. Maybe he should have just fired a shotgun into the air a couple of times. That would have stopped the knife guy.

    Read some of the comments on the Twitter link from the usual bed wetters.

  9. Once you go black, you’ll end up getting stabbed while on your back.
    I’m not a fan of MAG DUMPS, but this oscillator was using pretty good trigger control. The gun wasn’t jumping left or right. I’ll give this guy a B+. She’s damn lucky he got there before she was gutted. Usually doesn’t work out that way.

  10. Speed tip. When you reload STOP reaching for the slide with your weak hand. When you slam the mag home use your weak hand thumb to release the slide lock. Much faster. Simple pivot of the hand.

  11. I shot a smallish black bear at 25 yards with a 45/70 Marlin and took its heart clean out. Spun 180 and took off. WTF said I, then I said to dog: dog, let’s see where it was high tailing it to. We head down the trail and within ten yards it looks like someone was painting the brush with red paint. Twenty yards and it made a hard right angle turn and was headed down a side trail. Then in twenty more yards the blood disappeared. I’m flabbergasted and can’t figure this one out. There is a 48” deadfall Doug fir along the trail and finally I hitch myself up and look on the far side and the blood is everywhere and headed straight away on another side trail. I climb over and there in the middle of the trail is the bear’s ass. I cut a sapling switch about six feet long and stripped it with my knife and dog and I worked our way around to the front end and holding the sapling along the fore end, with the hammer back poked the bear in the eye with the switch and it was stone dead with leaves and sluf from the trail pushed up in front of it’s nose.

    Moral of the story, if you don’t break them down by taking a shoulder they have a lot of go still in them and this one made two hard right angle turns and went through a hole under the deadfall a basket ball could barely be forced through.

    I never made that mistake again. The heart had a hole dead center and I dug the bullet out of an 8” diameter tree that was behind the bear when I shot.

    The run lasted all of ten seconds, but had it come at us it could have worked me over pretty well before it died even with a dog on it. I was extremely fast in those days and had it come I’m fairly certain I would have stem to sterned it with another bullet. But am glad I didn’t have to prove it.

    The shit ain’t Hollywood. I have two friends who bears worked on and neither of them particularly large ones. I’m sure a man with a knife is no less of a threat.

  12. I think a stream of blood on the street coming from his back was blurred out there in the end when he finally dropped the knife.

    Aiming for the head is a ridiculous idea in this situation. Just aim for center mass. That would also lean towards killing him on purpose as opposed to stopping the threat. Unless a head shot was all that was exposed for shooting. Smaller center mass, then. But still center mass – largest target you have.

    I wonder if he aimed for the butt first because penetrating upper body/stomach area might hit her, he was on top of her. It looked that way to me.

    As long as he had the weapon in the hand, he was a threat. He could throw it, at the least, and you don’t know if he’s going to jump up and continue an attack. Could be on some drug that enables him.

    We haven’t even broached having demon-possessed strength.

    I think this also shows why 9mm is a good choice for shooting someone in a public setting. More powerful rounds – especially a rifle! – will probably ricochet after going through him and harm/kill others. Officer did position himself so the nearby people were behind him.

    Good job. Even if I would have stopped earlier – I would have been wrong for that.

  13. Great comments, Dadof4. You covered so much of what I was thinking about the situation.
    I especially agree with your statement of possible demonic possession strength. That seems to evident. What “normal” person can be shoot almost 12 times and still try to continue an attack. That’s way past an adrenaline enhanced reaction.

  14. “We haven’t even broached having demon-possessed strength.” Yes. In this world we live in now, clearly a consideration.

  15. I thought that Glock was a 17+1. I counted 14 rounds expended.

    I want to also condemn the other POS that was hovering over the perp doing nothing when that girl was being attacked. How much of a pussy can a person be in that situation?

    If I was president I’d give that cop a fucking medal and a job on the Secret Service, and I’d do it on national television.

  16. look carefully at the end of the video, he was leaking a lot. someone blurred out the stream of blood going into the gutter. fortunately his rounds were apparently not going through – really good thing for the woman under the target when the shooting started!

  17. It amazes me at the lack of concern for life, theirs and their victims, the black community suddenly has. It’s always been bad but the shit you see today is just fucking nuts. Someone has done some really sinister social engineering.

  18. Brad
    MARCH 17, 2023 AT 12:30 PM
    “It amazes me at the lack of concern for life, theirs and their victims, the black community suddenly has. ”

    …if you can convince people to kill their babies for their own convenience, then you’ve pretty much devalued the lives of anyone older than that who gets in the way of a good time as well…

  19. SNS

    That is very true. However I don’t think that explains the total lack of regard for ones mortality. It’s as if they’ve been convinced their lives aren’t worth jack shit.
    Soros once said, while visiting Europe, he would destroy the U.S. from within with a race war. It sounds like he’s maybe found a partner in the U.S. Gov.

  20. Brad
    MARCH 17, 2023 AT 1:02 PM
    “I don’t think that explains the total lack of regard for ones mortality. It’s as if they’ve been convinced their lives aren’t worth jack shit.”

    …They’ve also had decades of Democrats telling them that they can NEVER compete with Whites without the Federal Government helping them, that they aren’t expected to be able to feed, clothe, or house themselves, that its worth more to the children if fathers stay away, all while Hollywood and the music industry feeds them a steady diet lionizing the thug life and glorfying young, violent death and the media tells them that they will NEVER be able to overcome racism.

    And while Democrats forbid anyone ELSE calling them “niggers”, they certainly do encourage them to call each OTHER that. Listen to pretty much any modern rap, male, female, doesn’t matter, its all about sex and drugs and more sex and violence and hate and more sex, all laced liberally with that otherwise forbidden word to be played at top volume in any household with a young Black teen in it.

    And an overweening government certainly doesn’t help.

    I recall seeing something where a Black person involved in a riot was asked why they were destroying their own neighborhood. The short answer was “Because it isn’t really ours”.

    Having just had the government demostrate that they can take your church, your job, your freedom to go outside, even your own body is theirs to control at will, I’d have to say there’s a lot to that.

    …and don’t forget what the “Black Church” has become. The house of God, the pulpit of the holy, the vicar of Christ Himself has devolved into little more than a political figure, a race hustler, a lying poverty pimp pushing a political agenda inside the church and out of it. Think of “Reverends” Jackson and Sharpton for starters, and how downhill its been since then, or the excreable James Cone, tutor of “Obama’s” “reverend” Wright, who said things like, “the development of black power means that the black community will define its own place, its own way of behaving in the world, regardless of the consequences to white society. We have reached our limit of tolerance, and if it means death with dignity or life with humiliation, we will choose the former. And if that is the choice, we will take some honkies with us.”, “Because blacks have come to know themselves as black, and because that blackness is the cause of their own love of themselves and hatred of whiteness, the blackness of God is key to knowledge of God. The blackness of God, and everything implied by it in a racist society, is the heart of the black theology doctrine of God. There is no place in black theology for a colorless God in a society where human beings suffer precisely because of their color. The black theologian must reject any conception of God which stifles black self-determination by picturing God as a God of all peoples. Either God is identified with the oppressed to the point that their experience becomes God’s experience, or God is a God of racism… Because God has made the goal of blacks God’s own goal, black theology believes that it is not only appropriate but necessary to begin the doctrine of God with an insistence on God’s blackness.”, and culminating with “If God is White, kill God”.

    …these are things a MINISTER said.

    ht tps://

    …against this backdrop where they get nothing but messages of hate and hopelessness from every quarter, every authority (haven’t even MENTIONED CRT in schools), and from every adult, its not surprising that young people place their value exactly where all these “adult” figures tell them to.

  21. @ JDHASTY
    I had a similar experience while bear hunting. My first was a smallish chocolate. I blasted it’s heart away with a 220 grain .30-06 bullet. It ran like a scalded ape right toward me. It piled up right in front of me. The following year (three years ago) I blasted a monster black bear right through the shoulders and he went down like Lori Lightfoot on a South Side hooker. I mean he collapsed like a bag of wet cement. Shoulder shots for me from now on.


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