Ted Cruz steals the debate with his dressing down of CNBC moderators.

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  1. It was like a page out of Harry Truman.
    “Give ’em Hell, Harry!”.
    And Truman replied, “I don’t give them Hell. I just tell the truth about them and they think it’s Hell.”

  2. I still like Cruz. It seems like the media is treating him the same way they treated Ron Paul. Neglected or ignored.

  3. So, it seems Cruz is 2016’s “Gingrich.”
    The only question I have is: will the media take him out the same as Gingrich?
    I suspect, at this point, Trump has this.

  4. And right on cue, the moderator underscores his asshattery with, “Let the record show…” Let the record show??! hahahahaha! Too funny.

  5. “Let the record show I was just pantsed on worldwide television by Ted Cruz and I Nair my small private parts.”

  6. Fun fact of the day: Ted Cruz has an audiographic memory. People with photographic memories remember everything they see; Cruz has admitted he remembers EVERYTHING he ever hears. He can recite entire conversations down to the pauses that were taken.

  7. That’s what I tell Geoff C. The Saltine ALL the time! He hates it when I recite his side of the argument verbatim.

  8. Is anyone surprised at CNBC’s performance, other than several of the candidates who showed up actually thinking this was to be their chance?? If anyone came loaded for bear last night it was Ted Cruz, and I am glad he didn’t let the Mods shout him down, no matter how hard they tried.

    Last night was a massive clusterfuck deliberately staged to do as much damage to the individual candidates while completely avoiding any questions about the Hildebeest or her policies. I think its high time that we stop with the Reince, Fail, Repeat strageries with these so-called debates, and start refusing to participate when known political stooges are assigned to “Moderate” the event. I hesitate to even refer to these performances as debates because last night was anything but.

    This is not supposed to be Fight Club, and good on Ted Cruz for taking them on anyway. Someone needed to do it, lets hope there is some followup as well.

  9. Cruz won the debate, hands down.
    Trump came in second.
    Not a fan of Rubio, but he did well and came in third.
    Hate to say it, but Christie came in fourth.

  10. On some of the early online polls Trump came in first(!) My sense is people are just basically saying, “We don’t care how you (media) try to take him out. We’re not budging.”

  11. Trump winning all debate polls. Only way to take out the Dems and Hillary is coalesce behind Trump. Hold your nose if you have to.
    If you don’t get behind Trump you’re going to get Bush.

  12. “Even for New Jersey, that’s rude.”


    (Chris Christie and I were both born in Newark, and I don’t mean the one in Delaware.)

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