Asleep At The Wheel In My Tesla

Twice in as many weeks, drivers have been caught fast asleep while their self driving Tesla makes it way down the road. The first incident was recorded on I-5 outside of Santa Clara. According to the article, this is actually the 3rd time a California driver was seen snoozing away while the Tesla’s auto-pilot took over. Here

The second incident was caught yesterday on the Massachusetts turnpike, going 55-60 mph, oblivious to the world. Here

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  1. Fell asleep in my used $500 ’62 VW Beetle many many years ago. Flew 130 ft through the air and landed on a pile of rocks. Walked away unscathed. That steel belly pan saved my life. Progress?

  2. Well I guess a driver can hope that when he’s snoozing at the wheel and the batteries catch fire that the autopilot is smart enough to drive itself into a lake.

  3. Sounds like a good way to wake up dead.

    P.S. – Would everyone who’s looking forward to sharing the highways with self-driving cars please raise their hand?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  4. Very early one morning I was driving on I-5 to McChord AFB when, at the Fife curve, I was first to arrive at a rollover accident. No traffic to speak of –and I later learned that the driver (deceased) had fallen asleep at the wheel. No cell phones then, either, to call 911. I stopped momentarily to see what I could do, but was grateful that other drivers had stopped and a man pulled out a medical kit (I’m very bad at medical emergencies, I faint), so drove on to call emergency. Those images will be with me forever. Two people, both deceased.

    Self-driving car or no, please, please, please pull off the road if you are tired. No matter where you’re going, it’s not worth the risk to yourselves and to others.

  5. I bin drivin asleep all my life!
    Hell! cum ta think ovit, I bin asleep evene whwn I was workin!
    Don bother me nun.

  6. Is it just me, or is this “you need an autopilot” for safety (or ‘assisted driving’ on everything) coming from the same Liberal mentality that doesn’t trust people with guns?

  7. My Mom visited last week and wanted to go eat. She got her husbands BMW as he purchased a new car and asked me to drive it. Damn thing had more bells, whistles and doo-dads than anything I’ve been in except an airplane. Shut off at stop lights. The shifter worked by pushing a button and pushing it forward for reverse and down for drive. No park as apparently thats automatic I assume. Took both of us to find the wipers. Giant navigation system and heated and cooled everything. Was nicer than my house and was a diesel to boot.

  8. Last time I slept in the car, went front first at 70 MPH into a forest. Straight line right thru it, 640 feet before it came to a stop with drivers door pinned next to a fat tree. Roof was all coved in and hood had a bunch of semi-circles from mowing down all the saplings. Left a trail of parts in the path. Only damage to me was a minor cut on left arm from flying glass. 1/4 mile up the road was a cliff, had I decided to fall asleep a few seconds later. So don’t put off what you can do now! lol


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